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Angel 5x16 Untitled - Spoilers

Tuesday 13 January 2004

Looks like we’re going to see little or no casting information for Episode 15, because the info that came out today pertains to Episode 16. In addition, there is not a lot of information to truly judge what may have happened in Episode 15.

Angel: Episode 16

Very early in the episode, it appears that Angel has been attacked by some creature, the others refer to it as a bug. Angel, Spike, Fred and Wes are out somewhere, discussing the event. Angel must infer that he thought whatever it was, had to do with Spike. Spike acts indignant that Angel would ever think he could do something like that.

Fred asks Angel for the ’bug’, she wants to take it back to the lab and examine it.

Meanwhile, at the lab, a mysterious sarcophagus is delivered. Knox is surprised that it’s being delivered to the lab, but the deliveryman indicates that it’s already been signed for by Fred.

(huge gap)

Probably just halfway through the episode, Angel and Spike are in England at a country location referred to as The Well. They were just in a big fight with a group of guards (not sure if they are human or demon, but they are all dead now), because there is a flash and Drogyn appears. He tells him to cease. It turns out that Angel and Drogyn know each other, and Angel is surprised to find that he is the Keeper of The Well. Spike wants to know who Drogyn is, and we discover that Drogyn does not like to be asked questions. He will kill anyone who asks questions (and Spike, throughout these scenes, asks a number of rhetorical questions). Drogyn infers that they are there about Illyria, and tells them that they shouldn’t have bothered.

He invites them in, and Spike’s about to ask how, but stops in time. Angel explains that he can’t lie, which is why he doesn’t like to be asked questions. There is a flash, and they are in The Well.


Later, Drogyn leads them into the depths of The Well. It turns out that Angel and Drogyn have met twice before. Drogyn explains the purpose of The Well. It is a repository of sorts for the Old Ones, pure demons, who could not be killed but would either rise or stay comatose for the ages. Illyria was one of the most feared and respected of them all, and was lain to rest here in The Well. About a month ago, it’s tomb vanished.

Spike finds it amusing that as a Keeper, Drogyn isn’t as good as one would think. Angel concurs with Spike, it seems surprising that it was stolen, and only just noticed. Drogyn explains that it wasn’t stolen, it vanished, and that it’s not surprising based on the number of Old Ones that Drogyn watches over.

And that’s all for now

So it would appear that the rumors of a setback for Fred may be unfounded, as she seems her normal self in this episode. Or if there is one, it could just be for that episode. I do like the fact that the Old Ones are being referred to, so this plot or story may reach back quiet far. The interesting thing is "What’s In The Box", and why was it delivered to Fred’s lab. Just from the wording, I almost think it may be one of those ’special deliveries’, kind of like the amulet and the Spike solidifying flash. Which could mean that they sort out where the delivery came from, and this is what Angel and Spike to go investigate

Just not a lot to go on for the moment, so anything can happen.