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Angel 5x16 or 5x17 Untitled - Spoilers

Saturday 31 January 2004, by Webmaster

Angel: Episode 16/17

Three brief scenes.

The first scene has a young boy named Zach, and Lindsey doing homework together. A woman, Trish (who appears to be his wife), comes in and asks him to change a light bulb that has burned out. Lindsey is apprehensive about doing this, as he will need to go to the basement to get a new bulb. He hesitates as the basement door...


Later, Angel (and someone else) are visiting the suburban home. The door is answered by Trish. Angel asks if Lindsey is there, and she invites them in. As they enter, Lindsey comes into view, talking about Zach’s missing hockey stick.


Angel is talking to the gang, about how they have been battling evil. They’ve been fighting it, but on the wrong side. As long as their with Wolfram and Hart, they’re not not on the right side. Exactly what Wolfram and Hart wanted. The realization of this sinks in.

Meanwhile, in an exact mirror to the first scene, Gunn has taken the place of Lindsey. He is wearing a necklace, which I presume is making it appear to Zach and Trish that he is Lindsey. The scene ends as Trish is asking Gunn/Lindsey to change the lightbulb.

From Voy.com/14810 : First, an isolated speech by Angel—no context for it except that the other characters (referred to as "the guys," which I assume means Wes, Gunn, Lorne and Spike): Angel says he has just realized that as a result of being associated with W&H, he and the guys are fighting in "their" corner. "Their" refers to somebody else, presumably somebody evil, because it then says Angel and the guys look at each other devastated. Then cut.

Then two different scenes. One has Angel ringing the doorbell of a nice suburban house. A beautiful woman named Trish answers the door and lets Angel in. It turns out she is Lindsey’s wife. Lindsey is there living a domestic life, helping his and Trish’s son, Zach with his homework having to do with the lithosphere of the earth. Then there’s something about searching for Zach’s lost hockey stick, then Trish asks Lindsey to go to the basement and get a new lightbulb from a shelf to replace a bulb that has burned out. When Lindsey stands around not complying with her request, Trish becomes very insistent that he go down to the basement. She says the bulbs are on the shelf with the "other thingies." I don’t know what the significance of this is.

Then there’s another scene just like the previous one with Zach’s father helping Zach with the same homework about the lithosphere, only this time the father is Gunn instead of Lindsey.

It’s as if Gunn and Lindsey are both trapped in identical dreams or fantasies.

That’s all there is in these sides. No indication of fall-out from the whole Fred/Illyria thing.