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Angel 5x17 - Spoilers

Monday 2 February 2004, by Webmaster

Angel: Episode 17, which begins filming February 6, is looking to cast Nancy, a pretty suburban housewife, and Zach, her well-adjusted suburban 10-year-old son. Pretty thin info on the episode entitled "Underneath" so far, but early info indicates this may be villain Lindsey’s wife and stepson. Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft are credited as the writers for this episode and Skip Schoolnik the director. Additional tidbit added on February 2nd: Producers are now looking to cast a possibly recurring character named Hamilton, listed as being in his 30s to early 40s. The character is described as having an "imposing physical presence, but not muscle-bound...[he is] elegant, articulate, wears an expensive suit well.

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    3 February 2004 05:24, by JMSpike1875
    Hamilton eh? Does the description sound like a new Watcher to anyone else?