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Angel 5x18 Untitled - Set Visit

By Ghostgirl

Friday 27 February 2004, by Webmaster

I figured I should post the spoilers that I found out while doing my set visit here, especially since I’ll be out of the country as of tonight for the next couple of weeks and if anybody were to PM me regarding what I saw, I wouldn’t be able to respond. This is actually what I wrote to someone else in a PM. :bg: "Copy" and "paste" are my friends. :smile:

The biggest surprise for me was when were just entering the lot, I was looking at some of the trailers to see if I recognized any of the names. Sure enough, there was Harmony’s, and then right next to hers, Connor’s. That seemed weird because I knew that he wasn’t going to be part of this season.

After going in to the first set, we were told that Alexis Denisof was shooting a scene with Connor’s parents, and it was then that it made sense why there was a trailer for Connor. Later on, while we were in Gunn’s room, which was set up as a lounge area for the actors, Sharvie and I spotted Vincent Kartheiser’s chair. He had been there earlier that morning shooting his scenes.

What I got from the set visit was that Connor’s parents go to W&H to ask for help, maybe about Connor, I don’t know know. Angel tells Wesley that they can’t take that case, but Wesley still decides to meet with the parents to see how they can help.

The scene that we saw them rehearsing was Wesley and Lorne going over the Vail portfolio and Lorne discovering something in the documents that, as the call sheet reads, "veeerry interesting..." Right before his discovery though, Harmony enters Wes’ office with a ton of folders, and tells Wes something along the lines of, "I found that wandering around the halls." She was referring to finding Illyria, who then comes in to the office. Apparently Harm and Illyria don’t get along. Oh, I’m not quite sure *what* it is that Lorne discovers, but the call sheet says something about a transaction.

The last scene on the call sheet takes place in Wes’ office as well and it’s between Wes and Illyria. Straight from the call sheet, "Wes and Illyria discuss memories... real and otherwise." We didn’t get to see that rehearsal though, so I really don’t know what happens then.

That’s my $0.02. I’ll go back to being spoiler-free for the rest of show. At least, I’ll try to stay spoiler-free.... :wooha:

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