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Angel 5x18 Untitled - Spoilers

Friday 13 February 2004, by Webmaster

Angel: Episode 18

Wesley is looking for information about Cyrus Vail in the offices of Wolfram and Hart.

Seems like he is a very old and wise demon sorcerer. Vail gets a visit from a very angry Angel, who kills all of his guards. Angel thought Vail was trying to kill Connor, which wasn’t the case. Vail needed Connor to know who he was. Angel can’t imagine how Vail is able to know about Connor, and is told that Vail helped set up Connor’s "new life".

Wesley discovers that the day Angel Investigations signed the deal with Wolfram and Hart, Vail pulled together mystical resources and sorcerers from around California, to cast an extremely powerful spell.

Vail tells Angel why, as he fills him in on the details of the fantasy life they built for Connor. It seems like Vail needs Angel’s help. He wants to see someone dead, a demon we know from season 3, Sahjahn.

Angel figures this shouldn’t be a problem, as Sahjahn is still in the Resikhian Urn. Which Vail just happens to have. Angel doesn’t want change this situation, but Vail says that he would still be a threat. Urns aren’t save, they can break.

He threatens Angel to help him: Either he’ll help him, or Vail will use another spell to erease Connor’s false memories. Angel agrees to kill Sahjahn, but isn’t very happy about this.

But there’s a slight catch-22 involved. The prophecy says Sahjahn can only be killed by Connor. Vail gave him the perfect life, and now Angel has to take it away from him.

From Filmjerk.com :

Angel: The first tidbits of the untitled episode 18 are revealed. Producers are presently casting for the “large guest star” role of Cyvus Vail, a warlock who is the CEO of a powerful demon clan that has enterprises stretching throughout Los Angeles. A former employee of Wolfram & Hart, his special powers made him the go-to warlock when it came to the big magical mojo cases. The character is listed as being in his mid-30s to early 40s and it is revealed that he helped give Angel’s son Connor new memories since the end of the last season- and now he needs Connor back to defeat a certain demon named Sahjahn. Terrence O’Hara directs from a Drew Goddard script.

5 Forum messages

  • > Angel 5x18 Untitled - Spoilers

    17 February 2004 22:19, by Andi

    Should i be slightly concerned that neither Illyria, nor Fred, is mentioned in these spoilers? They can’t have finished that story arc already can they?

    And if so, just one question: WHERE THE HELL IS FRED?!?!?!?! Please do not tell me she’s done a Glory. Please do not tell me she’s done a Cordy. Please do not tell me she’s done a Willow. And PLEASE do not tell me she’s still dead. If that’s the story arc done already then im pretty unimpressed Joss. Fred being the big bad woulda soooo totally rocked.

    Of course there is the possibility they’re having an episode off from Illyria, as was taken from The Master, Angelus, The Mayor, Adam, Glory. (Although there wer definitely none taken from Dark Willow, there weren’t many to begin with.)

    But since this is Angels last season you would think that their Big Bad would be a HUGE bad, and be pretty much the focus of the remainder of the series.

    DAMMIT im confused!

  • No, Connor

    25 February 2004 17:02, by L.
    Connor is the most stupid character that has ever appeared in this show, I don’t want to see him again!!!!!!!!!!
  • > Angel 5x18 Untitled - Spoilers- To andi

    4 March 2004 12:36, by Anonymous
    Fred was possessed by Illyria, and fairly obviously is dead. Duh.
  • > Angel 5x18 Untitled - Spoilers

    6 March 2004 19:47, by angel24uk
    i think bringing connor back in for an episode are 2 will be cool. you have to remember this isnt the whinning connor this is the guy that grew up in a happy normal life. big question does he still have his super humen powers and angels fighting style????? also with fred i get the feeling that this demon wont be a big bad i think she has enough of freds memorys to become a good guy to help them in the big finale
  • > Angel 5x18 Untitled - Spoilers

    9 March 2004 13:10, by noneofurbusiness
    Yeah i know what you are all feeling!!! I remember going to watch Angel and thinking oh no this idiot Conner is gonna be on, moaning as usual!!:( Well if they bring him back i will complain everyday bout him!!!!!!!!! Keep him away!!!! plz!!!!!