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Angel 5x20 The Girl In Question - Download The Episode

By Japymonfils

Thursday 6 May 2004, by Webmaster

Click here to download Angel 5x20 The Girl In Question :

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  • OK I have to say this was one of the funniest eps since ’Smile Time’ and ’Spin The Bottle’. Sadly the last time we see Angelus, William the Bloody, Darla and Drusilla all in 1 episode. I’m going to miss them. OK you know what-this sucks. I need new eps this fall. I need something from Joss. This is killing me! Is anyone else just depressed watching the last few eps, bc you know the end is only 2 eps away? Or is it just me?
  • It’s not just you. I’m going to miss this show more than I can say. ’Buffy’ was the first show in my adult life I was ever ’hooked’ on. When ’Buffy’ was cancelled, ’Angel’ made it bearable, and I thought this season of AtS was the best ever. I hope Joss has something for TV in the works, because TV Land is going to be pretty bleak without any contribution from him.
  • not just u, i feel crappy, best tv i ever seen and it gets cancelled in its best season, wtf were they thinkin! i wonder how they sleep at night.
  • OMG i agree. They cannot cancel it now. Dont they know that they actually lose money because this show is watched / loved by many. ! Cant we do anything else to stop this from being the last season.????
  • Aww..Man... how am I gonna survive now.. No Angel.. No Buffy.. I’ll end up watching the episodes over and over and over again.. Not so bad, really.. But.. I’m gonna miss new episodes... Heh.. Bye Angel.. Two more to go...
  • Hey I share the greef with all of you, :o( and by the way, what’s going on with the Angel TV movies for next season now? Is it true or not?
  • OMG! I am totally depressed overAngel leaving. This season was truly the best...No Buffy, No Angel....and worse No Spike...I cant DO IT!!! REality TV has taken over.....:(
  • I agree with you guys. Just as I was accepting the show’s end, I watched this and my anger and sadness came right back to knee me. This episode was bloody brilliant. It proved to me that the addition of Spike was a great move as he and Angel are so great to watch onscreen and are one of the reasons (if not, the reason) why this season was so great. Their interactions and dialogue were the highlights of the season, and maybe even the series. Not to mention those flashbacks. Just in general, it was awesome: the past Buffy and Angel references, the schoolboy-like antics of Spike and Angel trying to "save" Buffy from the Immortal (one of the greatest characters we may never see), the mob movie-like plot about the head, and the serious and creepy arc concerning Illyria pretending to be Fred. And so much more aspects I’m forgetting right now. I thought it was one of the best episodes, and was another reason why the WB might as well have their head in a bowling bag and kicked all around Italy.
  • I wornder how they are gonna end angel in a good way with only 2 episodes left...
  • ya im breaking my 2 favrite tv show s iv eva loved are gone i dont know what to do with my spare time any more .i just am so upset
  • > Angel 5x20 The Girl In Question - Download The Episode

    19 December 2004 09:53, by Anonymous
    how can they sleep at night wjen thre is nothing on tv ?! I know I cant now that first buffy was cancelled and now angel too!!
  • im trying to download the first part of this ep but it’s just not working...it says end of archive or something... is there something wrong here?