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Angel 5x20 The Girl In Question - Buffybb Review

Thursday 6 May 2004, by Webmaster

5x20 - The Girl in Question ... "The Episode in Question"
By Chase Murata
‘The Episode in Question’
Only some eight minutes after the conclusion of ‘The Girl in Question’, and from what I have witnessed here tonight, my mind is seriously beginning to question whether Joss can close out this World Series in a matter of a few hours. Two episodes until we will behold the very last of the Buffyverse, even perhaps the Whedonverse, and my fear of not having resolution may be far more relevant than redundant.

‘Wank Fuori’
In a world where we had our hearts torn from our bodies, literally for a few, ‘The Girl in Question’ was a well-reaped reminder of the other side to the moon. Even though I question the placement of this type of episode within the season, it was like a breath of fresh air, and a nice breeze. 
“How do you say, ‘Wank Off’, in Itallian?”
I guess we all should be hailing the return of episode devote to whimsical dialogue and satirical music, mainly the ‘divertente villaggio musica’, or in speak we are akin to, ‘funny village music.” But there is something inside of me that just crashes this celebration, carving thoughts into my turkey which reads, “Serve no master, but your own ambition.” Seemingly adhering to the advice handed to him by Illyria, Angel made clear last week that there is a bigger battle to be fought, that they cannot waste time with smaller, much-less-unimportant tasks, and while I enjoyed this episode, I feel there is a bigger battle to be won and that they don’t have enough time to do so.
Off on a tangent is where this episode was. It followed episodes where we were headed towards progression, and resolution, but swayed off path into its own town of Spectre. ‘The Girl in Question’ is ‘cozy and comfortable’, but we are on the last few ticks, and need ‘harsh and realization.’ 
“Just don’t want to throw out another baby with the bath water”
‘Pass the Panoply’
Putting my concerns into its little jack-in-the-box, we were treated to a production starring the insecurities of our Soulful Duo. Spike, the insecure desperado whom, when in comparison to apparently bewitching The Immortal, questions his value and accomplishments, as for Angel, it’s the same song and dance as Spike sans the Blondie bear hair, annex a brooding demeanor and caveman brow.
“I stopped Acathala..” - Angel
“She rammed you with a sword.” - Spike
“I made her do it ... I signaled her with my eyes.” - Angel
Unless my memory doesn’t serve me obediently, just who is this magnetic, enigmatic, or to inject a little Italian dressing, ‘uomo molto supplichevole’, Immortal? More so, what is his secret? I mean it is only fair to divulge us with such knowledge. I am quite interested to know how he makes women sing his praise; clothes fly off with a nod and gets both Darla and Drusilla into the romp.
“Every time he shows up, I either get my girl stolen, beaten by an angry mob, or thrown in jail for tax evasion.”
For some part of the episode, I thought this Mystery Man was Dracula, because we’ve all seen what “influence” he has over women and — Xander.  But then again, we’ve been through that whole scenario over at the mother country, and well, Buffy staked it.
‘Once more, with feeling’
“We just have to live with it? Get on with our lives?”
What irks me about this episode, making its taste bittersweet and off my palate range, was that this episode tried to conclude the romance between Buffy, Angel, and Spike. It tried to make us believe that we should just move on, get on with our lives, that the romance is haggard, and while Joss faced casting difficulties, and while this may have been the only way to do it, it did not conclude anything.
We can’t move on, because the book on Buffy is not closed.
So what have we? An episode certainly dedicated to closing the chapter on the romance, but what we got was another wasted episode at a time where we should be eating leftovers, and scouring for the last bit of chocolate in the wrapper. I am upset because I would have rather have had tidbits and references, than a failed attempt and an episode that could have been put to better use, regardless of how much I chuckled and bellowed. Perhaps more attention to ‘The Armageddon’ would be a nice thing. Amidst all of my discontent, there was progression seen between Wesley and Illyria, the two who have never disappointed me yet. 
‘So Far Away’
“Wes are you mad at me, or something?”
How awful. How much the wound must have stung when the salt was poured into it. What is must have felt like to be in the body of Wesley, to have the thoughts he must have thought when he was asked questions about he and Fred, on having something you want so much, so close to you, but not being able to touch it because you know its feel is cold and empty.
I feel that Wesley didn’t tell the truth about Fred to her parents because he doesn’t want to have to go back to that dark place, and feel that all over again. Last week, we witnessed an almost humanizing of Illyria, down to a point where we even saw a tone resembling our dear, lost Fred.
Alas Illyria is still Illyria, and will never be Fred, even with the face of Fred, the voice of Fred, or the body. I have my worries about Illyria, and her now want for emotions, and her want to experience them, to love.  Much of my worry is not so much Illyria, but more so of Wesley, and what sacrifices he would make. I now have a notion that perhaps Illyria knows of a way to Fred, that would drive her our of Fred, restoring her essence, her soul; but in exchange as nothing is ever without cost in the Buffyverse, Illyria would need another ‘shell.’ I believe that as Illyria experiences emotion, especially love, that she will come to realize what hurt she has done to Wesley, and seeing how she can sense emotion, she will leave Fred’s body, but then again there is sacrifice. But, then again, there is our hero, our Wesley.
“Did you get what you needed from that experience?” - Wesley
“Yes, it was most informative.” - Ilyria
“Good, don’t ever do it again.” - Wesley
‘Quotes of the Night’
“Unless he kills you which would be sad.” - Spike
“Which won’t happen.” - Angel
“If I come with you.” - Spike

.....The beginning to the wonderfully hilarious exchange between Spike and Angel.

“Not too happy, because then I would have to stake you.” - Spike to Angel
.....Tonight had some of the best references all season, example. 
“Ciao, Ciao, Ciao, Ciao..” - the scene with Drusilla, Spike, and a bunch of other people in black and white at a Jazz bar
.....It was so quick, so funny, that if you didn’t see it, I encourage you to do so.
“Take your best shot with your wee sticks, I’ll snatch them out of the air, and in the next nights be shoving them up your arse.” - Angelus 
“Oh that cheeky bastard ... he tossed your woman.” - Spike on the Immortal
.....I actually felt sorry for Angelus. Darla seemed to have enjoyed herself, and umm, his self.
“Darling, it was just fornication, really, great fornication” - Darla
.....The look on Darla’s face was priceless, and the reaction of Angelus and William the Bloody (Spike) was hilarious.
“Concurrently? You never let us do that.”
.....This whole scene was funny, very funny.
“Time for another pony ride?” - Drusilla
*Spike looks at Drusilla*
“Son of a bitch!” - Spike
.....Funniest - line - of the night. I was laughing throughout this scene, but was in tears at the end. God, what a riot.
“You, like this, sickens me.” - Wesley
“Is Angel crying?” - Andrew
“No, not yet.” - Spike

.....Andrew, such a welcomed face, but oh how the times have changed.
“I’ve got to wait for her for her to finish baking ... in the meanwhile the Immortal’s eating cookie dough.” - Angel
.....Definitely the second funniest line of the night, and so true; I almost feel sorrow that Angel doesn’t have Buffy - almost. 
“We don’t need anyone cleaning up our mess. We’re champions.” - Angel
“What are you in love with him?” - Spike
“It’s my second skin ... it’s who I am. “ - Spike on his destroyed slayer jacket
“Don’t you guys have an Italian Wesley here?” - Angel
“Which I am told he has climbed, several times.” Spike on The Immortal, on climbing Mount Everest.
“Did you just say Strada?” - Angel
“It means, Street.” - Spike
“I know what it means”- Angel
“Hop on little mama.” - Spike to Angel
“It’s not a relationship.” - Angel
“It is if you do it enough times.” - Spike
“Find The Immortal and break his whammy.” - Angel

‘Like a Rolling Stone’
“Change is constant, yet things remain the same.”
My how our young Andrew has grown. From dorky Troika lackey to dorky Ladies man, he has changed, found his groove in life. It was a delight to see have Andrew back on-screen and the music that played while Andrew and Spike reunited put a smile on my face. The theme throughout tonight was that life changes as time moves on, that we should compromise and adapt. Much like the theme, I can only hope that Joss and Crew change the way things seems to be going, as if they remain the same as tonight, resolution may be a compromise.
—Chase Murata—

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  • A correction to one of the quotes.

    “Take your best shot, I’ll snatch your little wee sticks out of the air, spend the next fortnight shoving them slowly up your arse.” - Angelus

    Now that sounds more like ye olde Angelus

  • > Angel 5x20 The Girl In Question - Buffybb Review

    15 May 2004 04:48, by frozenpiper2a
    I thought this was the funniest episode of Angel that I have ever seen. The cookie dough reference from Chosen (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) just about did me in, I couldn’t stop laughing. The barbs exchanged between Angel and Spike are always delightful and the scene with Darla and Dru was hilarious. Bravo to the writers for giving us this episode, which is one of my favorites.