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Angel 5x20 The Girl In Question - Herc’s Review

By Herc

Friday 7 May 2004, by cally

Sweeps Day 7: Herc Gives ANGEL 5.20 Five Stars!!

I am - Hercules!!

Angel 5.20 FAQ

What’s it called?

“The Girl In Question.”

Who’s responsible? Teleplay is credited to the team of Steven DeKnight & Drew Goddard (“Damage,” “1943”).

What does TV Guide say? “Concerned by a report that the Immortal is after Buffy, Angel and Spike head to Rome, where they discover what the Slayer has been up to---and with whom. Back in Los Angeles, Illyria confounds Wesley with her behavior when Fred’s folks show up unexpectedly. Drusilla: Juliet Landau. Darla: Julie Benz. Andrew: Tom Lenk. Harmony: Mercedes McNab.”

The “whom” in question? It’s Buffy Summers, right? Right. We pretty much learn this in the teaser.

Does Sarah Michelle Gellar appear this week? She does not. But, if I may be frank (and a little astonished), it does not matter. (She is a big talent, but a wacky girl to have missed out on this.)

The big news? Though Gellar does not appear, the episode does a far better job of resolving the Buffy-Spike-Angel triangle than did last year’s excellent “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” finale.

When are the flashbacks set? 1894. The events of “The Village” still lie in the future!

What else is TV Guide not telling us? This is a pretty funny one, and reminded Herc a bit of “Buffy v. Dracula,” with all the jealousy!

Is Angel in Italy to retrieve a demon corpse or to rescue Buffy? Angel is convinced The Immortal killed an important demon to lure him to Italy.

Say, didn’t Angel turn evil again at the end of the last episode? There really is no sign of Angel evil this week. It’s all very confusing. And yet, not so much.

Any news of the Scoobs generally? It saddens us to report no. Despite details of the slayer’s (er, a slayer’s) romantic life, no word of Willow, Xander, Giles, Faith, Wood or Clem.

What lessons do we learn from perhaps the final Buffiverse appearance of “Buffy” vets Julie and Juliet? The Immortal? Twat magnet.

Are we absolutely certain Jenny Calendar doesn’t turn up as well? Because Jenny was seriously dreamy. We are certain.

What’s doing with Krevlornswath (of the Deathwok Clan)? So little, it fails to merit mention. And don’t get us started with young Harmony.

And Charles Gunn? It’s his idea to send Spike. I think. Who cares? This installment is far more about "Buffy" than "Angel."

What’s great? The wonderful, wonderful Donatella-like head of Wolfram’s Italian branch, but especially “The gypsies are filthy people! (puh!)” (Whoever plays her deserves an Emmy almost as much as Maya Rudolph. She is wonderful!!! And perhaps even the future Mrs. Hercules!!!) The hilarious turn a ballroom brawl takes. Fred’s resurrection. Angel and Spike’s repeated bouts with horror as they learn of The Immortal’s activities. The demon combover. Andrew’s failure to date other men. The look of Wolfram’s Italian HQ. “Son of a bitch!!” “I was confused, you git! It’s very loud in here!” “I’m not riding on the back!” “Stop holding on so tight!” “We’re not going to be his Shemps anymore!” “Do you wish me to stop?” “Yes, yes, we have, but he’s taking a nap!” “Perhaps she likes the cut of his trousers!” “No no no no. Well, okay, yes.” "I love the two of you so much, but brute force will only get your precious head smooshed!" “Is Buffy back yet?” “Excellent question. No.” “And meanwhile, The Immortal’s eating cookie dough!!” “You loved this. And part of you still does.” “Change back. Be blue.” “It’s on your desk.” “You know, I really hate that guy.” “She’d figure it out, she’s pretty smart!” So much more!!

What’s not so great? No Jenny Calendar.

How does it end, spoiler-boy? “Movin’!”

Okay, just watched it a second time, and an upgrade is demanded!! My God, I was too overwhelmed to judge it correctly at first! Herc’s revised and more carefully considered rating for “Angel” 5.20? ***** The Hercules T. Strong Rating System: ***** better than we deserve **** better than most motion pictures *** actually worth your valuable time ** as horrible as most stuff on TV * makes you quietly pray for bulletins

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  • > Angel 5x20 The Girl In Question - Herc’s Review

    9 May 2004 09:28, by Anonymous
    I disagree- I didn’t like it much at all. Didn’t fit in with the tone of the surrounding episodes. But I will say that it was very, very funny- my favourite being "Ciao." "Ciao." "Ciao." etc. Also I didn’t think the flurry of blonde hair sans Sarah made much of a difference.