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Angel 5x22 Not Fade Away - Last Spoilers Changes

By Persephonemoon

Wednesday 19 May 2004, by Webmaster

These are from the press screener tape.

The full, detailed summary is here. In this entry, I’m only reporting changes from the script.

Cuts I noticed:

At the end of the first Wesley/Illyria scene, right after he gives his truth/illusion/Watcher speech, her line "You are not an inspirational person like me" has been cut. Pity.

In the Angel/Connor coffeeshop scene, Angel’s line "There’s no fur...I would never...fur" is cut, as are the last few lines about Angel’s manly penmanship. (The scene ends after Connor calls Angel a girl. Which still works, but damnit, all of Eve’s scenes are left intact, and Connor and Wes get lines cut? So cruel.)


ALL the performances are top notch on this one. Everyone hits their scenes absolutely out of the park. Spike reading his poetry is AWESOME, (and for me to say that really means something). Wes and Illyria made me cry a lot. Angel and Lindsey’s love is so canon. Hamilton is so very, very tall and sparkly-eyed.

It does seem as if Angel orders Lorne to kill Lindsey. It’s not ever directly addressed, but it does feel as if that’s what we’re meant to believe.

The soundtrack was too rough for me to comment on pacing. It felt a bit rushed, but sound mix makes all the difference in the world where that’s concerned, so I wouldn’t worry.

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