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Angel 5x22 Not Fade Away - Spoilers

Saturday 3 April 2004, by Webmaster

Angel 5x21 title will be "Power Play".

Two bits of information on Episode 22, the final episode of ’Angel’ have arrived today. The title of the episode will be ’Not Fade Away’. Read on to see the one scene we have info on, a montage that should take place in the first 30 minutes.

Minor Update: Forgot to mention that I had also gotten info on the title for Episode 21. It should be ’Power Play’.

Angel: Not Fade Away (5.22)

Angel walks into a room, likely in a college setting. He reaches a table and looks down at the person sitting there. Connor, who is in the middle of studying, looks up at him. In a bar, we discover Spike in conversation with the bartender. The bartender warns him of the rough nature of the crowd in the bar. Which is fine for Spike, he just needs to get a few shots down before raising a ruckus. The bartender mentions that it will be Spike’s funeral. Spike comments that he never had a proper one. Last bit is Anne (who runs the shelter), packing up a moving van. Gunn walks up to her.

What is going on here... I’m scarred...

8 Forum messages

  • > Angel 5x22 Not Fade Away - Spoilers

    5 April 2004 05:35, by IWishIWasBuffy
    Ooohhh!!! More Connor!! Yea! Squee!! I want father and son to be reunited sooo much! Angel deserves some happiness in his life.
  • > Angel 5x22 Not Fade Away - Spoilers

    5 April 2004 06:58, by Anonymous

    Honestly? I hope Spikes get drunk and go to Buffy.

    Angel will obviously say goodbye to his son (wish Cordelia was around). Why? Don’t know. I hope he left somewhere really far away.

  • > Angel 5x22 Not Fade Away - Spoilers

    5 April 2004 20:51, by Anonymous
    um, some of you still don’t get that Angel and Buffy will never ever be together, eh? give up. she’s cookie dough, etc... i think Joss is more likely to kill everyone off then pair everyone up. (Lorne and Harm? you’ve got to be kidding me.)
  • > Angel 5x22 Not Fade Away - Spoilers

    7 April 2004 00:53, by tamara
    thank u thank u thank u u have nooo idea as to how happy u are making me! even if the show is cancelled i will be a FOREVER fan

    See online : Angel 5x22 Not Fade Away - Spoilers

  • > Angel 5x22 Not Fade Away - Spoilers

    7 April 2004 03:02, by Anonymous
    I think Angel and buffy should be together.I love for angel to become human the end.
  • > Angel 5x22 Not Fade Away - Spoilers

    11 April 2004 03:29, by Taylor
    They have to get buffy and angel back together for the last few episodes! Its only right!! They have learned a lot being away from each other for so long and they have both grown up a lot as well. They were together as cookie dough, grew up and learned a lot and now, they should be together as full baked cookies!! I hope Joss gets them together..i feel like i would fall apart if they dont end up together.
  • > Angel 5x22 Not Fade Away - Spoilers

    11 April 2004 18:36, by Elsie
    I REALLY hope Angel doesn’t end up with Buffy coz I agree - she’s just a whiney holier-than-thou slayer who thinks she’s better than everyone else. I would have hoped Angel ended up human and married with his soulmate Cordy, but she’s kinda not available anymore so Angel should just be hit by a truck as he turns human as DB said, or something equally twistedly funny. Harmony should get her own show (in the real world)- something 30 min long and totally silly comedy stuff. She can pull it off and totally deserves it. Spike can/cannot end up with Buffy I don’t really care, but he must end up happy with the way things turned out. Lilah must please make a guest appearance before Angel ends!
  • > Angel 5x22 Not Fade Away - Spoilers

    14 April 2004 16:30, by Lisbeth
    To paraphrase the immortal Dawn . . . "Grow up! Grow up! Grow up!" This show is about so much more than the bit of trivia concerning whom Angel ends up with. You’ll understand someday. For now, why not just enjoy the last few episodes of a truly iconic show that will be looked back upon as one of the crowning achievements of the entertainment industry? Sadly, I doubt we’ll see anything in its league for a long, long time, if ever.