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"Angel : After The Fall" Comic Book - Io9.com Review

Thursday 3 January 2008, by Webmaster

Angel: After the Fall comic book created by Joss Whedon

This comic book from IDW, in the tradition of the much-loved comic Buffy Season Eight, takes off just where the Buffy TV spinoff Angel ended when it went off air.

People who watched the show will recall that it ended with the world ending.

Demons from everywhere invade Los Angeles, the sky goes dark, etc.

Sure it sounds dark and craptastic, but we can’t help but want to go to future Los Angeles as ruled by demon gangs and unknown crawlies — especially with Angel still fighting Big Bads, Wesley back as a ghost slave, and Gunner doing the vigilante thing even though he’s become a vampire too.

This is a damn fine apocalypse tale.