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Angel Casting News - Season 5 Episode 1

By Tensai

Wednesday 16 July 2003, by Webmaster

The first spoilers have broken for the first ’Angel’ episode of Season Five. While not as spoilery as some might hope (the S-word is not even mentioned once), it does reveal a few secrets on just how Angel Investigations will integrate into Wolfram and Hart, what their goal is, and even reveals a new character (replacing an old one, it would seem) The spoilers are culled from a side which has come out, casting for the role of ’Eve’ (which also looks to be the title for the first episode). Eve looks to be Lilah’s replacement, which I can only assume means that Stephanie Romanov will not be back. The scene itself is brief, taking place in Angel’s office (during the daytime, as expected). Angel comes in and is surprised to find Eve there. Eve will be Angel’s link to the Senior Partners.

She quickly lays out that while Angel is in charge of this branch, it’s only one of many. He could wipe out all the clients and close the branch, but it would effectively end his inside track on evil in the L.A. area. So it’s a trade-off. He will need to allow some evil to exist, in order to do more good.

Otherwise, there’s not much information beyond that. Except for the fact that in terms of character traits, I never thought I would use the words Perky and Evil in the same sentence.

Filmjerk.com has also released some info on this new character, which has not appeared elsewhere. They are passing along the following info...

- The first episode will be written and directed by Joss Whedon
- Eve will be a recurring character
- Filming should get underway on July 24th
- Eve may have a hand in Spike’s return to the show.

(and a special thanks to T, who insured I didn’t have to wait until I get back on Thursday to get the full scoop on these spoilers)