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Angel Composer Rob Kral on the Bronze Beta

Friday 14 March 2003, by Webmaster

Rob Kral (composer) says: (Thu Mar 13 22:16:03 2003)


Just saw Episode 417: Absolutely ESSENTIAL viewing!!!

(No spoiler font, I figured it doesn’t spoil anything).

Rob Kral (composer) says: (Thu Mar 13 23:26:45 2003) [Edit/Delete] Edited: Thu Mar 13 23:28:01 2003

Just finishing the end of Angel 4.16...and, yeah, that’s ESSENTIAL viewing too!!!!!


Anyone wondering what was up with this season’s story arc: these eps have your answers. (Well, some of your answers).

A416 and 417.

superrmk: streeeeetching out my last bag of fruchocs. Thanks again!

newt: you should notice it when you should notice it, and not when you shouldn’t!

How do I write in spoiler font?? (not necessarily that I will!!)