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Angel Console Video Game Petition To Vivendi Universal and Eurocom

Thursday 24 June 2004, by Webmaster

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To: Vivendi Universal & Eurocom

I’m writing this petition in support of an Angel (of Buffy & Angel) video game for home consoles. After the success of the two Buffy games for X-Box , PS2 and Gamecube, it is in my opinion a good idea to release an Angel version. Vivendi Universal (as far as I know) holds the rights to Buffy and has done a great job with the games. The first Buffy game scored a nine on a scale of one to ten in Game Informer Magazine and four out of five in others. Developed by The Collective, this format was so popular, Eurocom kept it for the second game. The second Buffy game, developed by Eurocom, and done beautifully, scored an eight out of ten in Game Informes and simular ratings to the first one in other magazines. These are scores most developers only dream of. The only games off the top of my head that are higher are games like Halo, GTA: Vice City and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Coincedentaly, these are the games I would most like Angel to inspire the developers along with the prior Buffy games.

The interactive feel over all should be like the Buffy games, simple and good-looking. That’s where the simularities should end in my opinion. Angel is a different kind of show. It’s more serious and has a much darker tone and the first two seasons had almost a film noir feel to them. The graphics shouls be a smooth and clean as Halo or Splinter Cell, with top notch CGI cut scenes. There should be lots of detail and interactive elements when walking around and taking part in missions, simular to Splinter Cell. It should definitely be created for the X-Box to take advantage of the power and rich graphics. PS2 and Gamecube fans will also want a piece of this. Finally, this would be Eurocom’s chance to make something as big and free roaming as GTA: Vice City and the upcoming GTA: SanAndreas. After all, the game takes place in L.A. It’s a chance to have all kinds of exotic locals from the bright lights of Hollywood to the dark and seedy underground demon hideouts and hangouts and beautiful sunrise, sunset and starry night skies. (Don’t forget walking through the sewers and Angel’s car if you want to add a driving element.) RPG elements would also important considering they ARE called Angel Investigations. An arena option with tons of playable characters and wide open arenas. Eurocom should also be the developers since they’ve already created Buffy and can only get better with experience. This is a chance for them to spread their wings and challenge the bigger games out there with some innovative ideas, not to suggest that they already aren’t, of course.  I realise this is a hell of a laundry list, (maybe not, I’m not a developer) but the more inspiration that is thrown out there there more there is to use.

The game should take place somewhere after Wesley’s (Alexis Denisof) first appearance in the series, since Glenn Quinn is no longer with us. But before season four which most would agree was a low point for the series. (This is coming from a fan, I still love the show) Another idea would be during season five’s Wolfram & Hart days, (lots of cars and gadgets to play with) and yet another idea would be to have it take place after season five with a story written by Joss Whedon. (He’ll finally get his season six...sort of) It goes without saying the fans would love to see the cast get back together to do their own voice over work. I’m sure no one would mind seeing Faith (Eliza Dushku), Oz (Seth Green) and Drusilla (Juliet Landau) back in the mix. Spike (James Marsters) and Harmony (Mercedes McNab) are mandatory after season four and I’m positive everyone wants Cordy (Charisma Carpenter) if an early version is done, as well as Darla (Julie Benz). It goes without saying, Angel (David Boreanaz), Fred (Amy Acker), Gunn (J. August Richards) and Lorne (Andy Hallett) should be there. Depending on the storyline, also Connor (Vincent Kartheiser), Lindsey (Christian Kane), Lilah (Stephanie Romanov), Groo(Mark Lutz), Anne (Julia Lee) and Kate (Elisabeth Rohm). I wouldn’t mind Merle the snitch (Matthew James) and The Oracles (Carey Cannon & Randall Slavin) for some hints along the way if I get stuck.

Again, this is a long list, but I, as well as millions of Angel and gaming fans around the world hope that Vivendi Universal and Eurocom decide to create a game that will appeal to Angel and non-Angel fans and be highly anticipated if done right.

By the way, this in no way implies we don’t want Buffy 3. We’re still waiting for an announcment on that one. Maybe Eurocom can alternate games? (said with a wink)

Thank you for you time!


The Undersigned

13 Forum messages

  • i would love an angel game

    it would be good if it started in the building the first season started with then went on to the hotel

    i will sign this petition

  • I think this is a brilliant idea! and they shiould definately have Darla (Julie Benz) in it! It’d be well fun to play her!
  • The answer to my prayers. I disagree about the interactivity, though. The Buffy games definitely felt authentic and looked cool, but the control over the character was a little too much like "Tekken". Plus, Buffy was portrayed as a way weak superhero in it. What kind of superhero dies after a 4 foot drop??? What kind of superhero can’t jump more than 2 feet??? They definitely need to sup’ up Angel if they make a game. He NEEDS to 1. have those stakes that pop out of his wrists. 2. have the ability to jump halfway up a building or something like that (maybe even climb up it). Have a "vampire" mode that will kick in when he is near death or gets a bunch of combos (note: vampire mode should NOT deplete health or be in any way like the "slayer power" in the Buffy games. Like slayers can run out of power...yeah right). I think the game should be a cross between the Buffy games, GTA, and Spiderman/Batman games. I also think a prequel to the Angel series might be more interesting than a season six...just because Spike would be a full-fledged bad guy in it. droooolll.

    Who can we send emails to to beg for this game?

  • I don’t think that such a game should be only for home consoles. We pc users have a right to play the games as well, without having to buy a console. I mean it’s cool to know the existence of such a game, but not being able to get your hands on it is simply torture.

    When you think about it that way, how about converting the Buffy games for pc? It would be awesome for a lot of fans. You know, just a suggestion...

  • it would be great to get an angel console game
  • While an Angel game on console would of course be welcomed, and post-Wesley’s introduction at the Hyperion would of course be the best base point, I’ve just got to take objection to the comment that "most would agree that Angel S4 was the low point" - to the author: Did you see season 4?

    The best and most ambitious season in terms of quality of acting, production and storytelling cannot be described as a low point...

  • An Angel console game would be great but why was Season 4 a low point?

    The Beast, Angelus, Faith storyline was the best in Angel history.

  • I think the Angel video game would be an awesome idea! I think it should start in Season One and then progress through the different seasons with the levels achieved, encountering the appropriate characters for each season, and then not only including Season 5 at Wolfram and Hart, but continuing on to a Season 6 with the top levels of the game. (And if Joss could write that part, that would be even more cool.) Anyway, everyone could then have something from their favorite season.
  • I’m the Author of this petition. (I know there is no way to prove it.)

    I just wanted to say that at this point I wish I hadn’t typed season 4 was a low point. At the time, most of the people I spoke to about the series were really depressed about the direction the show was headed, with Cordy/Conner. Jasmine and the "Coredlia goes bad storyline". Since then a lot of people have come out sayng thay loved it. I wasn’t thrilled with some of the stuff that took place, but as an big Angel fan, I’ll love just about anything they do.

    A great idea someone threw out on the petition page was actual footage filmed for the game, like Enter the Matrix. Great Idea!

  • The game should encompass the 5 brilliant seasons of Angel, minus the not so great ellements that would make gameplay unfun, such as Jasmine, and the deaths of Lindsey, Wesley, and Cordelia. As far as a game setting goes, ANGEL has vast potential and near limitless possibilities due to the LA setting (even a small Pylea level would be fun). The demon and human enemies on the series would be excellent in video-game form. The Beast, Voccah, Billy, Hamilton, the Scourge, Angelus, Darla and Dru, the Circle Of The Black Thorn, Holtz, Sahjahn, Wolfram & Hart, all of these would be excellent editions in the game. It’s always fun to throw great suppoting/guest characters in like Harmony, Lilah, Oz, Myrle, Landok. But I think the greatest fun for a fan of th show would be the ability to play as nearly every cool character from the show. We need the core Team Angel; Angel, Wesley, Cordelia, Gunn, Fred, Spike, but it would be a huge benifit for the game (and to gamers) to include other characters that would be fun to play AND had a huge impact on the show, such as; Faith, Lindsey, Justine, Gwen, Illyria, Lorne, Connor, and so forth. The more character options the better. I’m a huge fan of the Chaos Bleeds game, and with attention to detail, and ANGEL game would be even better. The game really should be a massive collection of stories and such, sometime near the end of season 5. Also, as fun as the law firm stuff is, Angel’s gang were at their truest form at Angel Investigations. I know, personally, I wouldn’t buy a game set in season 1, 2, or 3. Those seasons were perfect, and setting a game there would be pretty boring. I think as far as we’ve seen the series evolve, the game should be brought either to that level, or beyond. The game stoyline(s) should be fresh and original, and honestly, the game should go on forever. Also, miltiplayer is a must. The thing I didn’t like about Chaos Bleeds was the fact that the characters for each level of gaming were already decided. I mean, I’d want to play as Faith and get stuck with Xander. That sucks. The greater the options, the better. Also, it’s a pain in the ass not to be able to save the mini-levels within the whole level, like in Chaos Bleeds. Voice talent is a must, nothing was cooler with Chaos Bleeds than getting James Marsters, Eliza Dushku, ASH, Nick, and Amber Benson. As far as game consols go, PS2, XBox, and GameCube are where it’s at now, but releasing it in PC form would help those without consols also. I think the more this game has the ability to grab ALL ANGEL fans, the better it’ll sell.
  • I would love to see an Angel video game. I loved playing both the buffy ones. I think it should take place in season 2. So it could have the hotel, Lindsey and Lilah could be back, and before Fred came into the mix. And I also think season 4 was a very low point. The only thing I really enjoyed about the whole season was when Faith came back. They changed all of the characters way too much during that season.

    See online : www.buffy.nu

  • Does anyone know anything about a buffy 3 video game. If so could you please post it on the Buffy.nu website. I think it should be set in season 7. The storyline of season 7 aswell. The First comes back for revenge for its defeat in the Chaos Bleeds video game.

    See online : www.buffy.nu