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Angel Episode 4 & 5 Spoilers

By Madetolove

Wednesday 27 August 2003, by Webmaster

>>>Episode four spoilers claim it will be a Halloween episode, my friend says that according to the scripts he’s seen, episode five will actually be the Halloween episode. If true this means that they will definitely be showing episodes 1-5 in October without breaks. And with November being sweeps month, they will likely show at least three other new episodes that month. But they will not be far enough ahead to show more than that. My speculation is that we may not see any new episodes in December or January, but don’t quote me on that, because those decisions have not been finalized.

Episode five will introduce a character that by his description sounds like the Don Corleone of the demon world. Again, speculation, but if they go by the Buffy formula of introducing the season’s big bad around episode five or six (which they did for seasons 3,4,5,6), this could be the big bad for this season’s Angel. It is important to remember however that this season will be mostly comprised of self- contained plotlines within each episode and not the season long arcs of the past, but I doubt that Joss would not have an overall arc to move the show along this season.

My friend also speculated that Buffy may not visit the show during November sweeps but possibly during February sweeps. This is purely speculation as the scripts for the rest of the show are not written and the over all plans for the season’s progression are only really known by Joss at this point. It’s also possible that Spike may retain his ghostness until mid season (it all depends on how they plan to handle James’ absence during the filming of Venetian Heat - which my friend and other members of the crew were not aware of, but then again, it only affects them if they have to build several episodes worth of sets early).

ETA (24th) I forgot to tell you yesterday that while talking about "Angel" taking lots of "Buffy" props and furniture my friend told me they had a lot of Spike’s ’stuff’ from Buffy’s basement and other places. I’m hoping this means they don’t plan to keep Spike a ghost for long.<<<