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Angel Episodes 6 & 7 - Casting Spoilers

Friday 12 September 2003, by Webmaster

Wesley’s Father To Pay a Visit on Episode 5.07 of "Angel" Written 09-12-2003 by ChrisFaile

According to FilmJerk.com sources, producers for the WB’s "Angel" are looking to cast the role of Wesley’s father, Roger Wyndham-Pryce, for the untitled seventh episode of the season. The elder Wyndham-Pryce, listed as being in his late 50s or early 60s, is described as being "incredibly well-educated and articulate, albeit with a rather stern disposition." The actor who is given the guest-starring role will film his scenes over 10 days in Los Angeles, beginning October 1.

According to our source, Roger is there to evaluate Wesley (played by Alexis Denisof) for possible reacceptance to the Watcher’s Council. The visit is strictly business, as years of distance and unresolved issues make for a great deal tension between the two. Roger also strongly disapproves of Wesley’s new workplace (he calls it "a haven of Hell") and the company he keeps, including Angel and Gunn.

According to another source, producers are also trying to cast a central role for the sixth episode, entitled "Night of the Luchadors". Writer and directed by Jeffrey Bell, this episode begins shooting on September 19. The role they are seeking to fill is that of "Number 5," a Latin man in his 70s. As a young man in 1950s Los Angeles, he and his five brothers were known as the "Hermanos Numeros", the greatest Mexican wrestlers who ever lived. More than just Luchadors, they were heroes who protected their community - men of honor who defended the weak against underworld vampires and demons. In their final battle, a mystical Aztec warrior destroyed all the brothers leaving only Number 5 alive. He has become a bit gruff in his solitary life, but ultimately he’s sympathetic. Nothing more is known about the episode’s storyline at this time, and how "Number 5" plays a part in it.

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