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Angel Fan Club Newsletter - September

By Mike Stokes

Monday 22 September 2003, by Webmaster

The Angel Scrolls From the Official Fan Club

Vol. 2, No.9


It’s getting close. Can you feel it? The fifth season premiere of Angel is coming and I can’t wait. It’ll be even more difficult to wait, however, after reading the second half of the J. August Richards interview. Apparently, there are some changes in the works certain to rock the Angel world. In the meantime, however, try this month’s Angel quiz...if you dare. It’s the toughest yet. Think you can do better? Send your trivia questions to angelfanclub@yahoo.com. If it’s a good question, we’ll print it and give you the credit you so richly deserve. One of the lucky fan club members who respond will win a copy of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel, Chosen, so send your address as well. Enjoy!

Mike Stokes Editor, The Angel Fan Club Newsletter


TRU STORY This Fall, look for Eliza Dushku as the star of Tru Calling. In the series, she plays morgue worker Tru Davies, who discovers she can relive the final days of her "clients" and, possibly, save their lives. Stay tuned as VIP Fan Clubs has some plans for this exciting new show as well.

HEARING HOLTZ If you hear some unsettling familiar tones while watching Enter the Matrix or next year’s The Toy Warrior, it might be because Keith Szarabajka, a.k.a. Holtz, provides voices in both animated stories.

LINDSEY AND THE LIONS Catch former Wolfram and Hart lawyer Lindsey McDonald in the upcoming feature film Secondhand Lions, which stars Robert Duvall, Michael Caine and Haley Joel Osment is slated to hit theaters in September.

SPECIAL NOTICES: SEASON 5 PREMIERE SPECIAL We are pleased to offer the Season Five Premiere Script (written and directed by Joss Whedon) on a pre-order basis to those who place their orders by September 30, 2003. Members receive a 20% discount on this exclusive offer. The scripts will ship out after the premiere episode airs in the U.S.

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The toughest Angel quiz yet! Answer at your own risk!

Q: Who is Anne Steele named after, what is the name of the teen shelter where she works, and where did she work prior to that? Q: What drug did Faith inject to knock out Angelus? Q: What was the first Angel episode to air in its wide-screen format?


Angelus: Eats you up inside, doesn’t it. Seeing all those idiots flock around him, calling him a champion. Anyone ever call you a champion? Wesley: I do my part. Angelus: Right. Like letting Lilah suck Lorne’s brain. Or, here’s an oldie but a goodie: Faith. Good job being her watcher. She turned out to be a peach. Wesley: And you managed to get your soul back, not once, but twice, saving the world several times in the process. Nobody’s perfect.


"Angel, Willow’s on the phone... She’s alive! Buffy’s alive!"

Cordelia delivering the thrilling-but-shocking news to Angel of Buffy’s resurrection ("Carpe Noctem" (episode 3.4), written by Scott Murphy).


Q: Who is Anne Steele named after, what is the name of the teen shelter where she works, and where did she work prior to that? A: Anne Steele (played by Julia Lee), whom fans may remember as vampire wannabe Chantrelle from the Buffy episode "Lie To Me" (episode 2.7) and resurfaced in another Buffy episode, "Anne" (episode 3.1), as a runaway who had since changed her name to Lily. Befriended and rescued by the Slayer, Lily assumed Buffy’s alias, Anne, and took over her waitress job at Helen’s Kitchen before becoming an administrator at the East Hills Teen Center in "Blood Money" (Angel episode 2.12). Got that? Incidentally, Carlos Jacott played both the creepy Ken character in "Anne" and the brain-eating-demon fiance of Doyle’s ex-wife in "The Bachelor Party" (Angel episode 1.7).

Q: What drug did Faith inject to knock out Angelus? A: Orpheus, a mystical opiate ("Orpheus;" episode 4.15).

Q: What was the first Angel episode to air in its wide-screen format? A: The Season Three opener, "Heartthrob," which was written and directed by David Greenwalt.


"Soulless" (episode 4.11)


Leaving the stake-shooting truck and secret hideout behind, J. August Richards has seen Charles Gunn go from freelance vampire hunter to champion of the world

By Mike Stokes

As Angel investigations’ hot-headed demon-fighter Charles Gunn, J. August Richards has seen a lot of changes since joining the show in 2000. The series, his character and his relationships with his co-stars have all evolved remarkably. As the cast prepares to enter a fifth season of Angel, Richards takes time to reflect on the past and hint at the future.

Angel Fan Club: In the case of new mother, Charisma Carpenter, does working with a pregnant actress present challenges you didn’t expect? J. August Richards: [Laughs] None, really. It’s the exact same for me. Maybe for camera or wardrobe it’s a little more challenging, but as a friend it’s really cool to be around someone when her life is changing so dramatically. We’re all really happy for Charisma.

AFC: So there were no sudden cravings or bathroom breaks? JAR: Maybe a few.

AFC: How does the appearance of a Buffy guest-star affect the show? JAR: When it’s Alyson [Hannigan], Alexis [Denisof] just gets a little more googly eyed (editors note: Alyson and Alexis are married in real life, but when it’s Eliza [Dushku], it’s just fun to have a new energy on the set. It’s fun to work with a new person and vibe off of that person. That’s the only difference.

AFC: Is it frustrating to be called the best show nobody’s watching?

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Mike Stokes Editor, The Angel Scrolls