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“Angel” Flashes Back in Thirteenth Episode

By ChrisFaile

Thursday 11 December 2003

“Angel” Flashes Back to World War II in Thirteenth Episode Written 12-07-2003 by ChrisFaile

In a forthcoming episode of “Angel,” written by Steven S. DeKnight and Drew Goddard, the title hero encounters an old foe that he fought alongside with in World War II. Flashing back between 1943 and the present day, the season’s (lucky) thirteenth episode - which will begin filming December 9 - reveals that Angel was once cajoled into fighting for the U.S. on a German U-Boat, trying to contain a Nazi plans to control vampires by brainwashing them.

Four days before filming is set to begin, producers are still looking for an actor to portray Nostroyev, described in casting documents as a mid-40s strapping vampire that has a Russian or Slavic accent. A revised casting call was sent out yesterday to the agents of actors for the role.

According to casting sides FilmJerk.com has obtained, the episode begins with a German U-boat cruising on the Atlantic Ocean’s surface, circa 1943. There, the members of the United States Navy crewing the sub are attacked by a vampire in the sub with them. As they radio for help, a number of the crew is killed, including the captain.

After shifting briefly to the current day, viewers are once again brought back to 1943, this time to New York City, where Angel is roused in his sparse apartment by a Commander Petrie, who asks him if he’s been up on the news of the war. When Angel admits he has not, Petrie quotes Plato, telling him that “ignorance is the root and stem of all evil.” Petrie needs him to contain a problem on the U-Boat, telling him is the only one who can rise to the occasion. In fact, he doesn’t have a choice in the matter. For those looking for a full break-out of occurs later in this episode, including how Spike plays into the 1943 conflict and how Angel is pressed briefly back into service, head over to SpoilerSlayer.com.

The episode will be directed by Terrence O’Hara.

The Scorecard Executive Producer: Joss Whedon Co-Executive Producer: Jeffrey Bell Producer: Kelly A. Manners Director: Terrence O’ Hara Writers: Steven S. DeKnight and Drew Goddard Casting Director: Barbara Stordahl and Angela Terry Start Date: December 9 Location: Los Angeles Network: WB