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Angel Magazine #15 June 2006 is available - Details & Covers

Saturday 15 July 2006, by Webmaster

Angel #15 out ! The latest issue of Angel magazine is out in the Usa.


According to his official website, www.jamesmarsters.com, the only U.S. convention for James Marsters this year will be held in California in September. James Marsters And Friends is a weekend special being held aboard the Queen Mary cruise ship, presented by Himber Entertainment and JMLive. The event promises, “a touch of romance, excitement and lots and lots of surprises.”


Former Buffy writer and executive producer Marti Noxon has served her time as producer on Fox’s hit show, Prison Break, and is re-entering normal society by signing a two year deal with Touchstone TV. Her first project will be to executive produce their drama pilot, Brothers & Sisters, for the ABC network.

Read more Angel news in Issue #15 and every issue of Angel Magazine.



The dark Angel himself joins us to talk exclusively about his latest TV role in hit series Bones, as well as becoming a ghost, being seduced by teenage girls, and playing matchmaker in his latest big screen projects! See below for a sneak preview...


The actor behind Sunnydale High’s biggest bully, Principal Snyder, drops by to reminisce over his time on the show and reveals all about his latest projects.


If ever there was a demon in need of anti-cellulite cream, it has to be the lovable - if somewhat baggy-skinned - Clem. We caught up with actor James Leary to hear what he’s been up to since the end of the show.


It’s not easy being green, as both Lorne, and his cousin, Landok, found out. Brody Hutzler, the actor behind The Host’s not-so-distant cousin, talks about his guest appearances on Angel.


In the first of our new series of features on the writing behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we catch up with some of the creative geniuses responsible for bringing Season One to our screens.

If Angel thought he was busy trying to save humanity and run a multi-million dollar corporation, whilst fighting the never-ending battle against evil, it’s nothing compared to the jobs that DAVID BOREANAZ has had to juggle over the last couple of years. With four new films under his belt, a starring role in a hit new TV show, and, of course, being a husband and father, the actor is more in demand than ever before. We caught up with him to hear all about what he’s been up to lately...

Angel may be best known for brooding, but these days, David Boreanaz, the actor who plays him, seems positively sunny - if a little tired. Besides starring as ex-military sniper-turned-F.B.I agent Seeley Booth in Bones, Fox network’s hit crime procedural, based on Kathy Reichs’ novels, David also recently made time to star in Suffering Man’s Charity, opposite Alan Cumming (X-Men 2), who also directed the film. David plays Sebastian, the irate ghost of a writer who never found fame in life - but who is a success after death when Alan’s character passes off Sebastian’s work as his own.

“He’s a genius”, David says enthusiastically of Alan.

“Working with someone with that kind of talent is amazing. And he’s so well-versed in his approach - it’s really like watching moving art. He’s so unique and he’s so creative”.

The only problem was that Suffering was filming simultaneously with Bones. At a press event for Bones and later at a Fox party for the Television Critic’s association at Hollywood’s new restaurant, Citizen Smith - coincidentally, part-owned by David’s old Buffy colleague Armin Shimerman (Principal Snyder) - David explains why he found this especially challenging...

Read the full interview in issue #15 of Angel Magazine, on sale now!

Angel Magazine #15 June 2006 is available - Details & Covers - Gallery

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