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Angel Magazine Issue #20 is out !

Friday 25 February 2005, by Webmaster

Angel Magazine Issue #20 brings you a superb Buffy Magazine crossover special, complete with the first part of our David Boreanaz and James Marsters interviews! (Check out part two of these fantastic interviews in Buffy Magazine issue #71 — on sale 3 March!)

A possible upcoming film project for Joss Whedon... and a former Angel/Buffy star! You can also hear the latest on James Marsters’ debut solo album launch in the UK.

It has been a while since Angel finished production, and this has given David Boreanaz time to gather his thoughts on this amazing period of his life. In this issue he meets Angel Magazine to discuss Angelus, "Smile Time", his current projects, and much more!

This month you can get your James Marsters questions answered — find out what he thinks about the Buffy and Angel finales, his dream role, and hear about the one thing he has always wanted to do!

Kelly Manners was Angel’s producer since Day One — and so he has all the Angel gossip you need to know! Find out more about all-things-Angel in this issue!

Don’t miss Angel Magazine’s chat with Rob Hall and Dayne Johnson — the men behind many of the weird Angel Monsters, and check out this month’s fantastic competition giving you the chance to win the entire Angel Season Five box-set!

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  • > Angel Magazine Issue #20 is out !

    26 February 2005 22:34, by higherbeing15
    its out early! and why cant they make fanart posters! with a saying and a buffyverse couple or something?