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Angel OR Spike Tvguide.com Poll

Friday 12 March 2004, by Webmaster

If Sarah Michelle Gellar reunites with leading men David Boreanaz and James Marsters for the series finale of Angel, with which vamp should Buffy ride off into the daybreak ?

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14 Forum messages

  • > Angel OR Spike Tvguide.com Poll

    16 March 2004 00:56, by xgrjnytmku,
    she should fully go with angel. She and he are meant to be together. first loves soul mates
  • > Angel OR Spike Tvguide.com Poll

    17 March 2004 12:20, by Anonymous
    Its clear that Spike is the better man. Angel never asked for a soul, it was forced upon him. Spike willfully went and fought for a soul, for Buffy. Simple as that.
  • > Angel OR Spike Tvguide.com Poll

    17 March 2004 12:57, by Anonymous
    She should so choose Spike! He got his soul back for her, and he even loved her without one. Angel didnt.
  • > Angel OR Spike Tvguide.com Poll

    17 March 2004 17:41, by Anonymous
    Spike. While Angel has the whole "first love" thing going for him, he left her. Angel might be her first love, but Spike is her most recent love.
  • > Angel OR Spike Tvguide.com Poll

    18 March 2004 13:53, by mel
    ANGEL!! ANGEL!! ANGEL!!! Buffy never loved spike...everybody knows that!
  • > Angel OR Spike Tvguide.com Poll

    19 March 2004 10:40, by SUSAN
  • > Angel OR Spike Tvguide.com Poll

    22 March 2004 14:16, by incurable bangle
    It has to be Angel. Spike never really loved Buffy. He said he did, sure. But he said the same thing about Dru, and the girl he loved when he was human. His affections are fleeting, while Angel has never loved anyone else like he loved Buffy. The Buffy/Angel romance is enduring and timeless. It has to be or their hearts wouldn’t be true and we wouldn’t care so much about these characters! ;)
  • > Angel OR Spike Tvguide.com Poll

    23 March 2004 03:36, by Spuffy shipper
    WHAT! cmon how can you say SPike doesnt love buffy? He loved her without wanting to, without a soul he even got tortured cuz of her. twice. He even says "my whole life ive only ever been sure of one thing. you." hes not fickle he loves her way more than angel.
  • > Angel OR Spike Tvguide.com Poll

    24 March 2004 08:45, by Anonymous
    Angel, of course! He and Buffy are meant to be together. Buffy doesn’t even love Spike.
  • > Angel OR Spike Tvguide.com Poll

    27 March 2004 08:44, by Becky
    Spike and Buffy are meant to be together. Even though they were enemys in the past, everything changed. Spike got his soul back for Buffy and died for her in the season finale. She even said she loves him. Angel’s in LA doing his own thing & apperently doesn’t care for Buffy the way he did in the beginning. So plain and simple, Spike is Buffy’s recent love.
  • > Angel OR Spike Tvguide.com Poll

    1 April 2004 04:59, by Ash
    Definately Spike, just think about it a second before you avid Angel/Buffy shippers walk out of the room.For one thing, now that Angel and Spike both have a soul, it is no longer possible to hold that over Spike’s head as a reason to why she cannot love him.And another brownie point for Spike is that he got the soul for her, not like Angel, who was cursed with his soul.Next, think about each characters behavior since the ending of Buffy.Angel occasionally mentions Buffy, but that hasn’t stopped him from being interested in other women.Spike, however, seems to be snubbing every other women who trys to initiate a relationship.Plus, Spike managed to love Buffy without a soul...In his own sick twisted kind of way.Ultimately, though, I think that Joss probably, if forced, would choose Angel, claiming that Angel is Buffy’s true love.I, however, believe that Angel was Buffy’s first love, not her only true love.Buffy needs to realize that.
  • > Angel OR Spike Tvguide.com Poll

    1 April 2004 12:39, by Anonymous
    Angel of course, B/A relationship was more tender and happy. :) LOVE B/A
  • > Angel OR Spike Tvguide.com Poll

    6 April 2004 15:58, by Jenni

    I don’t think she should end up with either of them. It’s just cheesy and implausible. Buffy cared for Spike but she never really loved him like she did Angel. And she got over Angel ages ago, and there’s no way she could go back to him after he’s fallen for Cordilia *yuck*

    She’s moved on with her life and she should be able to end up with a non-vampire/other worldy person.

    There are plenty of other little Slayers out there, she should be able to settle down in piece and live her life without either of them.

    As for who is the ’champion’ vampire. I think Spike is a real contender. But it would be very unfair to Angel, because he’s lived hundreds of years repenting for his sins, spikes been doing it for all of what 2-3?

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  • > Angel OR Spike Tvguide.com Poll

    21 June 2005 14:48, by kishe’
    SPIKE 4evr!!!! Buffy should be with Spike because you really think he would get a soal 4 someone else like buffy, NO possible way. Angel had a soal cursed on him thats what made him different from spike. Spike foaght so hard 4 his soal he went through the demon trials. Even when he was down he kept fighting because he knew it was the right thing to do. He loved her even without a soal even if it was in a sick twisted way he still loved her. SPIKE and BUFFY 4EVR! CASE CLOSED!!! LOL!