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Angel Puppet - Available For Pre-Order

Monday 8 November 2004, by Webmaster

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Puppet Prototype, who will be changed


From the imagination of series creator, Joss Whedon came one of the funniest epsiodes in Buffy or Angel history. "Smile Time" in which the brooding and ever-serious vampire with a soul was transformed into a puppet! This plush replica measures just over 21" high and is an exact 1/2 scale version of the prop puppet used in the episode. Featuring a faux leather coat, boots and a mouth that opens and closes (for that full puppet brooding effect). "Smile Time" Angel comes packaged in deluxe window box packaging. We have had numerous requests for this item and the release is limited so we decided to do preorders to make sure everyone gets theirs as we anticipate a quick sellout. **Sword in picture NOT included**

Click on the link to pre-order : http://www.tvmerch.com/

3 Forum messages

  • > Angel Puppet - Available For Pre-Order

    9 November 2004 04:47, by krevlornswath

    Oh god its the same one as before... I thought it was gonna be changed.


  • > Angel Puppet - Available For Pre-Order

    10 November 2004 19:15, by JayDee

    Well I assume it still is going to be changed as underneath the picture there it does say "Puppet Prototype, who will be changed"

    Having said that I’d like to see the final version before I would order it

  • > Angel Puppet - Available For Pre-Order

    12 November 2004 00:30, by Anonymous
    the tvmerch site doesn’t state that it’s gonna be changed again. I reckon this is the final puppet then?! :( it definitely lacks everything that made the original angel puppet so adorably sweet. this one looks rather creepy...urgh