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Angel RPG : Eden Studios decides to not continue license with FOX to produce new material

Monday 23 October 2006, by Webmaster

To all Scoobyphiles past, present, and future,

For a number of months now, Eden Studios has been negotiating with Fox to settle accounts on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel roleplaying game licenses. This has been completed to both parties satisfaction, but, unfortunately, the resulting arrangement does not include renewal terms. As a result, Eden Studios will cease producing new Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel game books or supplements. We will, however, continue to support those who play our games in our online forums and through our web sites dedicated to those games.

As we have been from the beginning, we are honored to have been part of the Buffy and Angel legacy, and are immensely proud of the work our creative teams have done on the award-winning Buffy and Angel roleplaying game lines.

Everyone at Eden also appreciates the great support, hard-work, and clear direction that Fox contributed to our efforts. As with all our games, Eden is sincerely grateful for our terrific fan support. To all those who have enjoyed and supported the Buffy and Angel games, we couldn’t have done it without you. Your dedication and passion are an inspiration.

Thank you, George Vasilakos President Eden Studios, Inc.

George Vasilakos Zombielord Eden Studios

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