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Angel Season 1 DVD - Mediagab.com Review

Thursday 18 August 2005, by Webmaster

Joss Whedon ROCKS! An Excellent Start To An Excellent Show

This six Disk DVD Set is the beginning of a wonderful adventure. Joss Whedon knows what people want, the two basic ingredients in any Show no matter what medium, and they are real characters and good stories. Once you have these two factors you have a hit no matter what genre. If you care about good story telling, fabulous writing and acting as well as a behind the scenes crew that is collectively an incredibly talented bunch, then this is the DVD set for you. The Picture and Sound are theater quality. The closed captioning and Audio come in other languages besides English. It’s jam packed with all sorts of extra bonus specials. The Brilliant creators, Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt and other staff members are at their very best, just as they were with their work on Buffy (which is also a must own). I not only highly recommend this Season disk set, but the other four seasons as well. Quite a bit of quality work went into the making of all five seasons. All five are a necessary buy for any Angel fan! It’s completely impossible to be anything but extremely pleased with this purchase as well as the rest of the series. David Boreanaz (Angel) and Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia) are perfect together. Him as the brooding vampire and her as the bright smiling somewhat shallow, a little spoiled and lost without her lifelong wealth. They come together, even though they are from totally different worlds to create Angel investigations. Glenn Quinn (Doyle) an Irish actor plays a half demon half human with visions from "The Powers That Be". These visions are intended to help Angel in his mission of redemption. Glenn adds a certain mystery plus comic relief to his character. While being a help to Angel and trying to find his own redemption, he otherwise spends most of his time drinking scotch and chasing Cordelia. Unfortunately, in Episode 9 entitled "Hero" he gets to atone for his past. Doyle knows he will lose his life in completing his task and passes his visions onto Cordelia with a kiss. We end up losing a wonderful actor. He was a great asset to the show. Sadly in real life we lost him as well. With the Doyle gone there was an opportunity to add someone new to the show. Alexis Denisof reprises his role from Buffy as (Wes). He shows up on Angel as a rogue demon hunter after being fired from The Watchers Council. Eventually he joins Angel investigations. Alexis Denisof is one of the most versatile actors I have ever had the pleasure to watch. He has that special ability of being the smooth sophisticate ie: a James Bond type and on a dime he can be the worlds greatest comedic doofs or fools if you prefer. He has an amazing range of abilities as shown throughout the series. He was by far the BEST choice to replace Glenn Quinn. Any show isn’t complete without our villains. Christian Kane (Lindsey) and Stephanie Romanov (Lila) both play lawyers for Wolfram and Hart and Angels worst nemesis. Both are consummate actors. My favorite is Lila, a self professed vicious bitch. She is the Queen of the gray areas. Lila adds sex appeal while still being evil. They both are a lot of fun while still being great adversaries for Angel and his crew. Joss Whedon once again comes through with proving to us that "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" wasn’t a lucky fluke, but the catalyst to more GREAT television. I not only highly recommend this Season DVD set, but the other four seasons as well. Any true Angel fan must complete or start their set with this one. Purchase this before it gets sold out and you miss your chance to continue your collection. ORDER IMMEDIATELY AND DON’T FORGET TO BUY SEASONS TWO, THREE, FOUR AND FIVE WHILE YOUR AT IT.