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Angel Season 4 DVD Region 1 - Available for pre-order on Amazon.com

Wednesday 23 June 2004, by Webmaster

The Release date is Sept. 7, 2004

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Disc 1
Deep Down
Ground State
The House Always Wins w/optional commentary by David Fury and Andy Hallett
Slouching Toward Bethlehem

Disc 2
Spin the Bottle w/optional commentary by Joss Whedon and Alexis Denisof
Apocalypse, Nowish w/optional commentary by Vern Gillum and Steven DeKnight
Habeas Corpses
Featurette: Angel and the Apocalypse

Disc 3
Long Day’s Journey

Disc 4
Orpheus w/optional commentary by Terrence O’Hara and Jeffrey Bell

Disc 5
Inside Out w/optional commentary by Steven DeKnight
Shiny Happy People
The Magic Bullet w/optional commentary by Jeffrey Bell

Disc 6
Peace Out
Home w/optional commentary by Tim Minear

Season 4 Overview
Season 4 Outtakes
Last Looks: The Hyperion Hotel
Fatal Beauty and the Beast
Malice in Wonderland: Wolfram & Hart

7 Forum messages

  • The Release date is Sept. 7, 2004?

    Why so long? It better be damn good after that much of a wait!

  • Is that going to be the cover for the actually Region one version? Because, to tell the truth, I don’t want to see Cordy on the cover again. She was on the first three, that’s gotta be enough.
  • I just glad they finally made the cover color green, lol
  • I hope Illyria is on the season five cover though.
  • We already had to wait 4-ever to see the cover and now we have to wait even longer to buy it. If it’s really Sept. 7th im gonna be pissed. I won’t be able to watch it over my summer vaca. I hope Illyria will be on the 5th season cover or the whole cast. It should be special since its the last season. Same w/ Buffy season 7 DVD.
  • i was thinking about it yesterday-what the season 5 is going to look like-i bet they put spike and angel on it. no need to put cordy on it AGAIN. i hope they put illyria-spike and angel on the cover of season 5. like they did with season 6 buffy-and wicca willow. that’d be cool. i did like they way they put quotes on the discs though...i was also thinking about the buffy dvds-how much they screwed up some of the covers of the discs. they put spike on season 3-when he is in only 1 ep-could of put cordy or oz or giles...and then in season 5 they put glory-why not anya or giles or tara. lets hope on season 7 they put anya on there along with buffy willow xander spike dawn...PRAYING they dont put kennedy or faith or caleb bc they were not in a lot of the season....just my view. p.s. im not being mean-just my opinion. i mean i love spike-but as much it kills me to say this-he didnt belong on a disc cover for season 3.
  • I surely hope Illyria is not on any covers! Dark Willow being on the Buffy 6 cover was enough - it’s a major spoiler for the season.

    Oh, and I think Conner should’ve been on the box, not Cordy.