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Angel Season 5 - Last Spoilers

Sunday 1 June 2003, by Webmaster

Most Recent Spoilers w/

From Fraz

Angel new season I heard will get a jump start early instead of late this year no date yet but that sounds good.

And the set crew are busy in Santa Monica on the old Buffy lot creating some new sets for Angel this season.

From the BBC

What’s happening with Angel? We’ve got a really exciting idea for next year, revealed in the last episode of this season. It has everything going for it, including the fact that I’m sure many of our Buffy cast will be able to make cameos.

Could those cameos include Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Yes, that’s definitely a possibility.

Tim Minear posted at ASSB Re: Comments at Succubus CLub:

- Good heavens, Barb. I’m sorry I offended you, but CLEARLY I was joking about Buffy/Angel age diff. We were poking fun at the oogie Conner/Evil!Cordy age-diff in that ill-fated oedipal "romance." The riff on the extreme (like, centuries!) age difference with Angel/Buffy was in that context, a goof. I’ve always maintained that in *my opinion* (no offense to Angel/Cordy or Angel/Darla, or even Angel/Lindsey shippers), the Buffy/Angel ’ship is the truly mythic one. (Of course, my opinion means very little until my name becomes Joss). Geez, the gals on Succubus warned me that any joking would create a firestorm. Still, not gonna tread on eggshells too much, though I’m sorry if our knocking about caused you pain (honest.)

- Got back from Long Beach, was curious if anyone listened to the show. Guess they did. Whoops. I’m suddenly offensive disrespectful guy! Remind me to be all dour and serious next time. I can be, honest. I’ll even bring a copy of the "Thin Red Line" soundtrack. Track six is one I write to quite often. It’s quite funereal. I’ll have it playing in the background of all my serious statements from now on. It’ll go nicely with the all-new snark-free me.

RE: "Plus alot of people are kind of worried about the effect Spike will have on the direction of Ats"

- That I understand. But take out "Spike" and substitute with "Lorne," "Fred," "Kate," "Cordelia," "Gunn," "Wesley," and on and on. It’s always the same. Not saying we always serviced each and every character as well as we might have, but I do think that we have pretty much earned each of these characters a place on the show and not "ruined" things. And after four years people crying foul about any new addition (cast bloat!) only to come to love these characters in varying degrees, I might say that maybe *I’m* a little "ticked off" at not even being given the benefit of the doubt before even a single new episode has been written! Now who should be offended? Of course, I’m being offended-by-proxy (as proxy?) since I’m no longer even with the damn show. But just sayin’.

Juliet Landau intereview from The BBC Transcribed by "allnamesaretaken"

"...They’re actually saying that she possibly could go onto Angel so we’ll see what happens with that. It’s a bitter-sweet moment, but I do think it’s a good time to wrap up.There’s some really interesting stuff in store in terms of a series finale, which I’ll say no more about."

From "Weakest Link" at ASSB Re: Minear/Fury posting at Succubus Club

Minear and Fury and were on the Succubus Club tonight, and they gave these tidbits on Angel:
- JM coming in as a regular helped Angel get renewed. They hadn’t planned on it (they haven’t gone too indepth on Season 5 yet, so they didn’t have to change much)....JM was going to be the male lead on the spinoffs they were looking at (the Faith one and the Slayer School one)
- CC would be back "not as a regular", it was her choice.
- They would like to have Alexa back as Gwen, it depends on her movie schedule (in case you didn’t know, She’s signed for the Pitch Black sequel)
- VK "would be back sometime"
- SR will be back
- There will be a new female W+H "protagonist/antagonist"
- There will be familar characters making apperances.

Angel Renewed by The WB:

Angel Returning Series Hour Drama Wednesdays 9/8c

Being undead for a few centuries and cursed with a soul, Angel has a unique perspective - and tons of free time. So, what does this righteous man do to pass the centuries? Put a team together and go vigilante on the City of Angels, which has become a lot less safe since evil demons and their scary minions started buying up all the real estate.

Last season, Angel narrowly managed to stop the apocalypse, which begs the question, "Where do we go from here?" Well, Angel reunites with Wesley, Fred, Lorne, Gunn (and SPIKE!) - to take over the L.A. office of a formerly evil and currently annihilated law firm. Of course, there’s always a hitch. (What do you expect from demonic lawyers?) And a few surprises... like visits from some of the Sunnydale gang.

Executive producer Joss Whedon, co-executive producer Jeffery Bell and consulting producer David Greenwalt with Twentieth Television.

This was the cast list they have now


David Boreanaz James Marsters Alexis Denisof J. August Richards Amy Acker Andy Hallett



Clark Kent (Tom Welling) meets the vampire with a soul in the new Wednesday night lineup of hit drama SMALLVILLE followed by critical favorite ANGEL. The WB’s highest-rated program, SMALLVILLE scored 9 of the 10 highest adult 18-34 single-episode deliveries ever for the network last season. ANGEL scored on two different nights this past season, delivering double-digit time period gains in nearly every key demo, with the largest gains in the male demos. In the fall, Angel (David Boreanaz) will be reunited with his fellow vampire Spike (James Marsters).

"Moving our number one show, ’Smallville,’ to lead off Wednesday is a move we’re confident will anchor a critical night for years to come, just as ’Dawson’s Creek’ did," said Mr. Levin. "Paired with ’Angel,’ the show viewers and critics begged us to return, we have a formidable action-fantasy block with massive male appeal and stars women and teens love as well. In addition, James Marsters will join ’Angel’ as Spike, and other visitors from Sunnydale will be seen in Joss Whedon’s world, which will take an uptown turn out of the darkness this fall."

Article from David Greenwalt

..."Obviously, they wish to corrupt all our people," Greenwalt says, "and all of our people wish not to be corrupted. Some of them will be corrupted, some of them won’t be."

"Gunn is going to become the coolest. You’ll be seeing him in beautiful suits. And you know, Fred has never had money and a car and a place of her own before, so she’s going to be living a little wilder than ever. Lorne is in heaven, because he gets to talk to Michael Jackson and all the entertainment people..."

Joss Whedon TV Guide interview on 5/23

TV Guide Online: I have a bone to pick with you: When last we spoke, you claimed that "no decision" had been made about bringing Spike over to Angel next season. Then, days later, the WB announced that, well, Spike would be making his way to Angel next season. Why did you lie to me, man? Joss Whedon: It wasn’t until the last minute that it was actually decided that he was going to be a regular on the show. When I spoke to you, a) it was true that we didn’t know his status, and b) he was about to die on Buffy, so the less about him being on Angel in the press beforehand, the better.

TVGO: Fair enough. But couldn’t the WB hold off on announcing it? Whedon: There was no f---ing way. They were very excited about James. They have a shiny blond thing to show people, and they’re gonna do it.

TVGO: So, how do you plan to resurrect Spike? Whedon: That’s a conversation I’m going to be having with the Angel writers very soon.

TVGO: There’s always Shanshu (the ancient prophecy introduced during Angel’s first season that says once a soulful vampire fulfills his destiny, he becomes human). Whedon: It’s not quite that simple, although a lot of people have been making reference to that. But that’s an interpretation, and ultimately could become the interpretation if we decide to go that way. I have some other ideas. The trick is how to bring him back without losing the integrity of what he did... the sacrifice. If it’s just, "Hey, I’m back!" then that whole moment at the end of Buffy is kind of lame now. Like Buffy returning from the dead, it’s going to be something that we’re going to have to earn and play the ramifications of, possibly without making it so depressing.

TVGO: Will you pair him with a new special someone? Whedon: I’m still trying to figure out how to bring him back to life. I don’t think he’s the kind of guy that would be like, "Well, that was a fun time with Buffy... " I don’t think he feels a sense of resolve or resolution about the relationship. I think he feels that he was ready to sacrifice himself for her, and it was a beautiful thing, but... it wasn’t like he’s cured of loving Buffy any more than Angel is.

TVGO: Now that Buffy is free to do whatever she likes, how will you explain why she doesn’t make a beeline for Angel? Whedon: Well, I think I did in the episode. She said very specifically she doesn’t want to go and find a boyfriend. She wants to go and find herself - spend some time becoming a grown-up and finding out who she is, and then she can stop to find out who fits with that. That was the point of the whole cookie dough speech. Her internal search isn’t for a boyfriend, it’s for herself. And then if true love fits into that, that would be the best thing ever. But if she instantly went off and attached herself to Angel, she’d be throwing away everything she’d just been given, which is her freedom. It would be the last thing she would do. Well, not the last thing. She wouldn’t do it until sweeps.

TVGO: November sweeps? Whedon: I don’t know if necessarily it will be November, but she has stated time and again that she’s perfectly willing to come on and make an appearance, assuming schedules work out. Nothing’s definite, but it’s as sure a shot as one could hope for.

Joss Whedon TV Guide interview about Charisma Carpenter on 5/27

TV Guide Online: Why was Charisma’s name removed from next season’s cast list? Joss Whedon: Mainly because we felt like we had taken that story - just like Buffy for seven years - about as far as it could go. The Angel/Cordelia [love story] had gone pretty much as far as we wanted to take it. Their romance was definitely not a popular move on our part, and I think with most fans. It just seemed like it was time because we were revamping the show, and then paring it down... it just seemed like a good time for certain people to move on. Not completely, obviously. I’m hoping that we’ll get Charisma to do some episodes as Cordelia sometime during the year. She’s a new mother, so, like Sarah [Michelle Gellar], I’m waiting to hear what her schedule is like. But it just seemed creatively like... I once said that I finally got to tell the story of Buffy that I tried to tell in the movie, and I did it with Cordelia. Which was the story of someone who was completely ditzy and self-involved becoming kind of heroic. But the way the series was different from the movie was that I didn’t know where you go from there. So, I felt like we spent seven years playing that very arc, and it had played. Like Buffy itself, it’s time to look at something new.

TVGO: Isn’t that a disservice to fans who invested all those years in the character and her redemption? It seems an odd thing to do to the show’s leading lady. Whedon: That’s a fluctuating concept, the leading lady thing. And it is a little odd. Some choices are ultimately kind of controversial about who stays and who goes and who we focus on. But obviously, we had to have her out of a bunch of episodes toward the end of the year because she was having a baby... so what we had [leading] up to it wasn’t a dynamic I wanted to play out that much. The fact is, this is not the end - unless Charisma herself says, "You know what? I don’t feel like doing any recurring episodes." But when you have an increasingly large ensemble week-by-week, and you come in in your [fifth] year kind of having to revamp the show and trim the budget and also think creatively, "How am I going to service all of these people?," sometimes the people who have been around the longest, you’ve done the most with them.

TVGO: Some are speculating that she was a casualty of James Marsters’s cross over as Spike next season. Like, there wasn’t enough money in the budget to pay for them both, so she got the boot. Whedon: That’s a hell of a thing to lay on James. It was a creative decision that we made before Spike came over to the show, and like I said, I don’t intend to leave Cordelia in a coma for the rest of the Buffyverse. But the creative decision to have the character step down happened long before negotiations with James [started]. It should not be laid at his feet.

TVGO: Were things left on good terms with Charisma? Whedon: Yeah, but that’s also stuff between us and not stuff that I would talk about in an interview.

Allyson,web-mistress of David Fury’s official site posted at the Bronze Beta on 5/27 confirming David Fury’s status with AtS

"Allyson says: (Tue May 27 23:56:49 2003 Fury just confirmed he’s staying at Angel.

I may have just popped like warm champagne, or, it could be that it’s 5 billion degrees in Pasadena.

Have to get back to whup.

Many thanks to the folks who wrote in and wished for his triumphant return, the emails were the sweetest. ever."

"Allyson says: (Wed May 28 06:31:57 2003|

Woo! And looks like Big Daddy Fury got himself a promotion. Co-Executive Producer, is he.

Congrats to my Fury!"

Key to Codes that might be used ******************************* "ME" = Mutant Enemy, the production company of Angel "AI" = Angel Investigations "FG" = Fang Gang, which is made up of Angel/Cordy/Wesley/Gunn/Fred/Lorne/Connor "AtS" = Angel the Series "MoG" = A term to describe the Fang Gang at TOWP, aka "Ministers of Grace" a term from Hamlet (from the TWOP FAQ) "TWOP" =Televison Without Pity "AICN" = Ain’t It Cool News "ST" = Stranger Things Forum "SR" = Spoiled Rotten "ASSB" = Angel’s Soul Spoiler Board "AA" = Angel’s Acolyte "WR&H" or "W&H" = Wolfram and Hart, the law firm on the show. "CC" = Charisma Carpenter or Cordelia Chase, Charisma also plays Cordelia "DB" = David Boreanaz who plays Angel/us "AD" = Alexis Denisof who plays Wesley "JAR" = J. August Richards who plays Charles Gunn "AA" = When referring to a person it means Amy Acker who plays Fred "VK" = Vincent Kartheiser who plays Connor "SR" = when referring to a person it means Stephanie Romanov who plays Lilah "JB" = Julie Benz who plays Darla "JM" = James Marsters who plays Spike

WILDFEED LINKS Wildfeeds usually up early Wednesday mornings, times and availability could always change... (Oh hiatus till season 5 starts)

Angel’s Acolyte



Confirmed writers for AtS next season

- Joss Whedon
- Jeffery Bell
- Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain
- Steven DeKnight
- David Fury
- Ben Edlund
- Drew Goddard