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"Angel Season 6" Comic Book - Issue 1 "After The Fall" is the best-seller of all time !!!

Tuesday 16 October 2007, by Webmaster


NRAMA: Summing it up, what’s this year look like in IDW’s broader history?

TA: We’ve had an unbelievably good year. Transformers exceeded our expectations in every way. 30 Days of Night has been selling steadily all year. Our Star Trek comics are doing better than we expected. Tank Girl and Zombies vs. Robots have had unbelievable sell-through. As I mentioned before, our Beowulf pre-orders were much higher than we expected. I Am Legend continues to sell and we’re expecting to see a big increase when that movie comes out in December. We just got the pre-orders for our first Angel comic and its IDW’s best-selling comic of all time. I’m a pessimistic guy so I always expect the worst but, right now, even I can’t find too many things to be unhappy about.