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"Angel Season 6" Comic Book - It’s now semi-official !!!

Saturday 17 March 2007, by Webmaster

IDW editor-in-chief and publisher Chris Ryall presided over the panel, which consisted of Angel and Star Trek writer Scott Tipton, Spike: Asylum writer Brian Lynch and Super Hero Happy Hour creator Dan Taylor, with Simmons to join later.

First up on the presentation was Spike: Shadow Puppets, described by Lynch as "Kind of a sequel to the ’Smile Time’ episode," referring to the fan favorite season 5 Angel episode; he said it’s also a sequel to his previously-published Spike: Asylum.

Ryall then told the crowd that Joss Whedon said in the new issues of Buffy/Angel magazine, "I am talking to Brian Lynch, about doing sort of a ’season 6 of Angel.’" Ryall then continued, "After Shadow Puppets, we will be doing some new Angel books, with Brian and Joss, picking up where the show left off. They will be post-show, and definitely canon, and co-written by Joss." Presumably this is the companion to Dark Horse’s "Buffy season 8" that fans have been waiting for.