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"Angel Season 6" Comic Book - Joss Whedon thinks about it !

Wednesday 14 March 2007, by Webmaster

More Buffy/Angel comics stuff

I just bought the latest BtVS/AtS magazine (UK version) and there’s what they call an exclusive interview with Joss about the BtVS season 8 comic. Now I’m walking on air. See why behind cut.

BtVS/AtS magazine: A lot of fans want to know if Angel, Spike or Illyria could show up this series, even though IDW Comics has the license for the AtS comics.

Joss: Legally, they can all appear in the Buffy comic without a problem. I am shying away from that because I have a huge stable of characters as it is and IDW are the people who revived that franchise - and they are doing a good job with it. I don’t see any reason to rain on their parade - I don’t think that’s fair. In fact, I am talking to Brian Lynch who wrote Spike: Asylum about doing a sort of season 6 of AtS - a canon, post-AtS story. I was really impressed with Asylum. Brian really got the humour and the rythyms and told a story really well. I thought, "If they can do this, why shouldn’t they?" It would be on a separate plane from BtVS, but having said that, we are planning on having Spike and Angel appear in the BtVS arc. As far as a separate story goes, we will resolve how they can both be going on. It might end up a little like the X-Men, who are always doing different things in every comic, but hopefully we will work out more continuity than that. I’m not going to make it so that you have to read books from both companies. I don’t think it’s fair to people and I don’t think it’s fair in a single company. I hate it when they finish a Spiderman arc in Iron Man. I get pissed off! There will be no Buffy Civil War! Well, maybe.

Why am I walking on air?

1. OMG! Brian Lynch writing AtS season 6! Yes, please! What can I do to bribe him? Do you think he likes cake?

2. Okay, so Joss is still trying to wheedle his way out of using Spike and Angel much but he is going use them. Take that, Spike-haters!

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