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Angel TV Movies and Illyria Spin-off ?

Friday 15 October 2004, by Webmaster

A user named richardhart214, postet the following on the Angel-forum of the Internet Movie Database. That isn’t a very trustworthy source. He named the Angel Magazine as the source. The most is already well-known, but there are some new points. We should not be enthusiastic and handle it as a rumour.

richardhart214 wrote: "Angel Tv movies and a possible Spin-Off series are in work : WB offer of Tv movies and Spin-Off show "On the table"

Garth Ancier,chairman of The WB network,has confirmed that he’s pushing for a series of Angel TV movies and a possible spin-off." WE have an offer on the table for Joss Whedon to do movies" Garth told journalists during the network’s autumn press preview in LA." When Joss and David Boreanaz are both intersted in doing it at the same time,I’m sure we will be doing Angel movies.Certainly Joss would like to.David will take a bit more coaxing,but I think he will do it"

After admitting that The WB’s peformance last season was the fourth worst in it’s history ( not good idea to ditch one of it’s most popular shows then?) Garth went on to blame the cancellation of Angel on pressure from producer 20th Centry Fox Television-who apparently wanted a quick answer as to the show’s renewal.

"They had pushed for an early decision on whether the show should come back or not." Garth said." had they not pushed for the early renewal,or,conversly,if we had said," You know what? Let’s wait till we get the scheduling room in May and decide then,"the show may or may not have been back.But I think we would have had that opportunity to discuss it. I think the mistake that was made is that between us and 20th,we didn’t wait until May.We just made the decision ealry based upon their request."

On the lighter note," There are plans for A Illyria/Fred Spin-Off series," Amy is eager to return as the character again,so there are plans for a possible Illyria/Fred Spin-Off series in 2006 or 2007." Garth said. This statement has been proofed as false rumour and not part of the article.

Garth also denied that Angel was dropped so that the remake of Dark Shadows would be the only vampire show on The WB network had made no such statement about Dark Shadows-which was abandoned after a poor pilot episode-and attributed it to fans speculations."

6 Forum messages

  • > Angel TV Movies and Illyria Spin-off ?

    15 October 2004 17:12, by Eduardo
    If it isn’t true...why post it?
  • > Angel TV Movies and Illyria Spin-off ?

    15 October 2004 20:07, by Anonymous
    My god, they actually admit they made a mistake cancelling Angel.
  • > Angel TV Movies and Illyria Spin-off ?

    16 October 2004 08:40, by SUSAN
    What are they hoping too prove with false information....Its just getting peoples hopes up,that there will be a spin-off that will never happen......

    See online : >Angel TV Movies and illyria Spin-off?

  • > Angel TV Movies and Illyria Spin-off ?

    17 October 2004 15:58, by Jason Batt
    I can hope theydo bring Wesley back in the TV movies and the Spin-off with Amy Acker i reckon she is the Best person to have her own show and with her mentor back and her Love WES he is the best as well and seems he got her on feet it feels as witer to have Him Back with Her.
  • > Angel TV Movies and Illyria Spin-off ?

    18 October 2004 16:42, by Jason
    I reckon ILLYRIA ows wesley so much because he helped her from the start and i dont think Giles will never replace Him so Joss get back With Wesley and i be Happy to whatch it with Amy Acker And ALexis DEnisof and J .August Richards and proberley WILLOw aswell so please joss bring him back with her.
  • > Angel TV Movies and Illyria Spin-off ?

    19 October 2004 05:25, by Jason
    If it is True i would love the cast of suppoting are AMY ACKER ALEXIS DENISOF coming back from the dead by WIllow because look as buffy coming back she was to painfull so why not WES giving a shot.J>AUGUST RICHARDS AND ALEXIS WIFE AND LORNE thoes are my supporting cast.