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Angel The Official Soundtrack - Fan Review

By Sarah

Monday 14 February 2005, by Webmaster

I bought the Angel OST this morning and let me tell you it is so much better than i expected.

Unlike the Buffy Albums which are amost all vocal works, this soundtrack is composed of mainly score music.

This soundtrack brings tears to my eyes, in particular the ’Home’ (when Angel watches Connor with his new family at the end of the episode), ’Hero’ (Doyle’s theme), ’Farewell Cordelia’ (the last scene in "Your Welcome") scores and ’A Place Called Home’ (the departure of Fred). They are so beautifully composed and performed, that when you hear them it brings back all those tear jerking, heart wrenching memories of our favourite characters deaths.

Within the album cover there are small descriptions by Robert J. Kral (who composed almost all the pieces, about what was happening when the song was featured during the Angel episodes.)

2 other brilliant songs were ’Touched’ by Vast. This is one of the very few vocal pieces, and it is performed by Vast. You can really remember the scene it was used in. ’The Birth of Angelus’ score is dramatic and edgy and you can feel the fear and anticipation of Angelus’ resurrection.

If you are having second thoughts about buying this Album, WHY!!!! it is amazing and 100% definately worth your money!

Click here to order :

Angel Official Soundtrack

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