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Angel The Vampire speaks 3 languages ?

Tuesday 25 April 2006, by Webmaster

According to the show, Angel learned quite a few languages when he was evil.

However, when he tries to start a conversation with a red-faced demon, he makes terrible mistakes.

He said "Hablo Espanol?" which literally means "Do I speak Spanish?" and he said something like "Are you from Byelorussia?" in a tongue that hardly resembled Russian, although according to the captions, it was said in Russian.

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  • Angel The Vampire speaks 3 languages ?

    29 April 2006 15:21, by marchelu

    He speaks also Modern Greek: he translates the motto at the Oracles door (in Season 1,9: "I will Remember You") which isn’t in Ancient Greek (Psychés vs Psychás).

    As for the mistakes, maybe he didn’t bother to learn properly the various languages... marchelu