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Angel Tidbits at Spoiler Slayer

By Tensai

Tuesday 29 July 2003, by Webmaster

Going to take a moment to just cover some of the various things that I’ve heard/read over the past week.

- There was an interview with James Marsters in a German Magazine YAM!. Apparently he comes off pretty confident in the interview, literally proclaiming himself the savior of the series. Which does seem a bit out of character. I personally don’t read too much into it, because it refers to this as the 6th and final season of ’Angel’.

- There was a rumor floating around that James was only signed for 15 of the 22 episodes of ’Angel’, but I was never able to get any kind of confirmation from a valid source. At a convention this weekend, James stated that he’s signed for the entire season.

- There are also convention reports that Mercedes McNab is only signed for the first six episodes.

(note: on the convention reports, I’ve seen this posted in a couple of places. But I believe the credit goes to Alane of BAPS for reporting this news)