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"Angel" Tv Series - Season 4 DVD - Thesop.org Review

Monday 21 May 2007, by Webmaster

The lives of the Angel Investigations team has now become "a supernatural soap opera" in Angel: Season Four, available on DVD.

Featuring all 22 episodes, the DVD has audio commentaries of cast and crew, behind the scenes look of the series, outtakes, and much more.

Angel’s fourth season became the darkest of all, with the apocalypse now in L.A., rain of fire coming down, and the sun being blocked out. In other words, it is now a demonic playground — not to mention the possible end of the world.

This past season has become "a supernatural soap opera" with complex and intense triangles evolving within the crew. After being voted out of the group last season due to what happened with Holtz and Angel’s son Connor, Wesley (Alexis Denisof) embarks on a steamy liason with beautiful yet evil Wolfram & Hart lawyer Lilah Morgan (Stephanie Romanov), but still has a soft spot for Fred (Amy Acker), who is still with Gunn (J. August Richards). After deciding that being a higher power isn’t so great after all, Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) decides to return to Earth, but has no memory of who she is or her life. So far, the only person she can trust is Connor (Vincent Kartheiser), Angel’s full-grown son, who has a troubled relationship with his father. And what will happen will set off a series of events that will change the lives and relationships of everyone involved forever.

However, they must learn to put aside their differences, get over it, and work together to save the world from chaos.

Season four marks the return of Angelus, Angel’s evil alter-ego, and rogue Slayer Faith (Eliza Dushku), who breaks out of jail to help Team Angel in this dark time — not to mention capture Angelus in hopes of restoring Angel’s soul.

The series’ fourth season finds Firefly’s Gina Torres jumping ship to Angel, as Jasmine, whose plans to save humanity aren’t as benevolent as they seem — nor is she.

The End of Days is here with Angel: Season Four, available on DVD.