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Angel VS Spike’s Sky One Poll - Results

Thursday 29 April 2004, by Webmaster

A Sky One poll pitted vampire against vampire and the results are in. Who did you vote as your favorite?

Angel bit off more than he could chew when he went head to head in our poll against Spike, as the blonde baddie emerged as your all-time favourite vamp! It seems that when it comes to Vampires - you like yours with an extra bite!

Here at the Sky One website we were surprised to hear that you’d rather get your fangs into Spike as Angel is such a first-class hero. But whilst the vampire with a soul didn’t do badly with 47% of the votes (3742), he just couldn’t beat Spike’s impressive 57% (4260).

So how is Spike taking the news? He said: “"I don’t like to brag...Oh who am I kidding; I love to brag!" Being beaten by Spike must be like a stake through the heart, but Angel can always re-assure himself with the fact that he is Buffy’s one true love...

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