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Angel Weight Loss Challenge

Thursday 29 April 2004, by Webmaster

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Welcome to the Angel Weight Loss Challenge

Well I’m guessing your wondering what this is all about. This is litterally throwing our weight behind Angel by using the show and our love for it as a motivator to loose weight and hopefully in the process gain some more attention for the show, to the ulimate end of trying to get a sixth season on the air.

However, the true ulitmate goal is for everyone to joins in on this journey to come out the other side of this adventure a little healthier and happier at doing something to try to help Angel.

So how can this get attention for Angel, you ask. Well most of you are aware of the resent reports in the media regarding Obesity and it’s continued growth in society and some of the blame for us getting this way is falling at the feet of our television viewing habits. Along with this you have a lot of television and newspaper reports of how people are trying to win the battle of the bulge, so just put the two together and you now have the Angel Weight Loss Challenge. Within the next few weeks as members join in and start losing weight, we will start contacting shows and newspapers and let them know what we are doing, if anything this should peak the interest of some to do a story on how fans of Angel are litterally putting their weight behind their support for the show. It’s a quirky enough concept to perhaps get some attention from the media, cause they love to show that television doesn’t have to be the bad guy when it comes to obesity and that it can be used to help fight the fight. If Jared could send Subways stocks through the roof with his idea to lose weight why not try to get Angel more viewers by using it as part of your weight loss routine.


The only thing in doing this and getting onboard that is asked is that you incorporate Angel into your inspiration or motivation for whatever changes you make in order to loose the weight.

Understand there is no one diet or excerize program that will work for everyone, we are all different and unique individuals and we are smart enough to find out what works for each of us on our own, or we can ask our fellow weight loss supporters for help in finding a what might work.

This is something everyone can do, whether you have a few pounds or to many to count, at least now there is a place you can come and you know you already have 2 things in common with others here, you want to rid yourself of the weight and everyone loves the same show you do.

A lot of experts will say you should lose weight for yourself first and foremost, which is true but sometimes you need an extra incentive or motivation to start or keep going and that is what this site is here for to help. Perhaps not to help the helpless or hopeless but to offer hope and support to those that are trying to change their lives, one person at a time.

"I want to help because - I don’t think people should suffer, as they do. Because if there is no bigger meaning, then the smallest act of kindness - is the greatest thing in the world."

Angel from Epiphany

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    29 April 2004 18:01, by Anonymous
    Actually this is kinda kewl b/c AtS and BtVS are what inspired me to lose weight a while ago. They made me realize I really wanted to be an actress and motivated me to drop the 20 lbs necessary to get me more and better parts. Plus it’s super easy to stay on the treadmill if you’re watchin an episode of Buffy.