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Angel and Cordelia Stake Out the Chat !

Wednesday 5 March 2003, by Webmaster

This week, it’s a little slice of heaven, as David Boreanaz and Charisma Carpenter tackle your burning Q’s. Plus, get the scoop on an Alias stunner, trouble in paradise for Six Feet Under’s Claire and some Sorority Life scoop that’s, like, totally to die for.

Hey, tubers ! David is already here (right on time—a man after my own heart) ! So, send in those Q’s, and we’ll get down to it !

From Nilesh : How do you feel about Buffy coming to end ?
David : Well, um, everything comes to an end. There is a beginning and an end. I left at a very high point, and it had a great run. With that, I’m very proud it went as long as it did. I’m neither happy nor sad about it. I just feel full.

From Margaret : I think you’d make a terrific Superman. Is it true you’ve been cast ?
I’ll just kill the rumor now—it hasn’t happened. I did go in and read for the part, but I can’t do it because of my schedule with Angel.

From Tonoreasa : Is there a chance you will be in any future episode of Buffy ?
Yes, I will definitely make an appearance on the finale. I think you owe that to the fans. I think it’s my responsibility.

From Greta : Your official verdict : What did it mean that Angel said Buffy’s name during dream sex with Cordy ?
I think we’ve established that his one true love is Buffy, obviously. So, when that occurred, it was a testament to his feelings. It’s not the sex that makes him happy ; it’s the feeling. He can have sex, but he can’t be truly happy.

From mercedes : Do you think Angel’s run will be as long as Buffy’s ?
I don’t know. I don’t really focus on how many years the show will go on. I don’t pay attention to the ratings. I play a character, and I focus on that. The other stuff is very stressful, and you need to put that out of your head. If you start looking into the future, it just becomes false.

From Melissa_S : Will there be any rekindled romance between Angel and Buffy ?
I honestly don’t know. I can’t answer that. It’s very much up in the air, because I think some people would want that and others wouldn’t.

From jocelyn : Is there any character From any of the classics you would want to do ?
I would love to do any sort of Harrison Ford-type role. I love his style. I’m a really low-key actor, and I love his whole demeanor. And, actually, Yul Brynner, Westworld—I’d love to do a remake.

From the_groosalugg : I am a big Angel fan ! Do you foresee another season ? If so, would you want the Buffyverse to mesh with the Angelverse ?
Thank you for your support. I think the "verses" match together pretty well. I’d love to continue it, so I don’t really have a say, but you have to remain optimistic. I’ve had a good time so far. As for the actors coming over to Angel, you’d have to see how they fit into this world. If it makes sense and works for the story, great, but if it doesn’t, you don’t go there. Because then it’s forced.

From Ken_Harvey : Angel as a character has been both good and evil. What aspect of each do you enjoy playing the most ?
I get this a lot. For me, it has been a mixed bag. I love being Angelus because he’s so wild and over-the-top, but I love being Angel because he’s very unpredictable. And he has grown over the years. I’ve enjoyed seeing Angel grow. Whereas Angelus has stayed the same, Angel continues to surprise me.

From alex : Where do you think the storyline between Angel and Connor is going ?
Our two characters—it has been very difficult for them to understand each other. I know that where Connor is at has really laid the groundwork for some interesting things that are going to happen in the next five episodes. There’s going to be a change, a big change, and it’s going to make things very different for both of our characters. It will change the dynamic between them. Something is brewing.

From RachelG-S : You have such great chemistry onscreen with Charisma Carpenter and Sarah Michelle Gellar ; to what do you attribute your success playing opposite such strong female roles ?
I guess the responsibility lies inside yourself to find where the female character is coming from. The leading man needs to take care of his leading lady. It’s the gentleman’s approach. You try to understand the psyche of a woman, which can be unpredictable. You have to be sensitive to her needs.

From groosalugg : Are there any characters you personally would like to see return to Angel ?
They have all been killed, unfortunately. I liked Stephanie, who played Lilah. We miss her. That was a big surprise. But you know, you’re never safe in Joss Whedon’s world.

From louie : Do you still watch Buffy ?
No, I don’t. I don’t really watch my show either. I just don’t.

From drew : How do you feel about Angel and Cordy ?
It has been really weird, because she’s carrying my son’s baby. So, we’re just letting that unfold. We’re just going to see where that’s heading. It’s not very good right now. But in the past, she has been very comforting for Angel. So, we’ll see.

From elisaveta : What’s the what with Evil Cordy ?!Is it fun playing off of her ?
Yeah, I had a good time. You know the personality and the character, so it changes your performance. It’s a really nice thing to have, to mix things up after a few seasons.

From poupa : Will the whole Fang Gang appear in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer finale ? Is there any chance for a Buffy and Angel reunion ?
I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I’m just as clueless as you guys are. I just know it’s going to be big.

From lunasea : If Angel were made human this season, would you want to play a human Angel trying to find his way in the world next season ?
Yeah, I think that would be cool. Let’s get that out there !

From Jade : If you could end Angel in one way, how would it be ?
If the show were ending, I’d have him join the circus. Why not ?

From lissazara : What do you like most about meeting your fans, especially the transatlantic ones ?
! You get a chance to give back to the fans what they give to you. They get a chance to see you, and we get to show you we’re just like anyone else.

From Leo : How do you think Angel will react to Spike and Buffy’s relationship ?
I think he’ll just laugh. Honestly, I think it’s going to be him laughing and saying, "Okay, whatever." Though he may be laughing out of fear...or anger. People are funny that way.

From athena : Will you be doing any more feature films ?
It’s up in the air. There’s a lot of talk, and a lot of things out there. I know I’ll be filling the hiatus with a project. And right now we’re working on what that will be. If it fits, well, great. But I try not to worry about such things.

From Kristin : Okay, guys, David has to go back to set. We’re still waiting to hear From Charisma, so in the meantime, let’s dish it up !
David : Thank you all so much for being here and for supporting the show. We really do appreciate it. We have a great 10-episode run coming up. I think you’ll like it.

From Lezah : Hi, Charisma ! Congrats on being a new mom ! How will the show handle your maternity leave ?
Charisma : I’m not taking one !

From mini_marie : Have you enjoyed playing evil this year, or do you miss playing Cordy Classic ?
I really miss Cordy Classic, but I really love being evil. I was frustrated with playing evil in secret. I really wanted to be evil and be a total contender but that’s just the way it worked out.

From Caroline : It seems like Angel&Cordy are gaining fans by the minute. How do you feel about the relationship ?
Well, I love it. But considering what just happened, storyline-wise, I don’t really see any fruits of that labor happening anytime soon. Sleeping with Connor was a bit of a deterrent !

From Samantha : Are you going to come back to the final Buffy episode like the others ?
I have not been asked ; probably not.

From AngelVamp : Are you planning to be in any movies ?
That would be cool. Wouldn’t it ?

From Ophelia : How would the two of you feel about castmembers From Buffy possibly moving to Angel after Buffy ends this season ? Anybody you’d particularly like to get ?
It would be fun to work with my old castmates again. I don’t know how much work we’d get done if Alyson came over with Alexis being on the show ! [Chuckles.] They’re really in love. I’ve always loved working with Nicholas Brendon, and Tony Head is welcome any day.

From HiddenSky : With Buffy nearing its end, are you surprised at how far Cordelia has come during her time on Buffy and Angel ?
Yeah, I’ve been really thankful more than surprised. She has been a joy to play ! Now if we could just give her one more twist...

From Jason_Bower : Rumor has it that Angel might not return. Say it isn’t so. This season rocks !
Thank you. Those decisions, unfortunately, are not my in hands. I’ve heard those rumors as well, and I hope they’re not true.

From Jade : Who do you think is the perfect match for your character ?
Lorne. [Laughs.] We’re just so compatible ! Or Fred. [Laughs.]

From Sarah : Did you object at all to the relationship between Cordy and Connor ?
It really, really creeps me out. You’re not alone, sister !

From wildwing112 : Can you elaborate on your answer about Connor ?
We just have to trust the writers know, story-wise, what they’re doing and just be patient. The idea is to put as many obstacles in front of Cordy and Angel as possible. Otherwise, if Angel and Cordy were to get together, it would be one big snorefest !

From davidh1960 : If Joss did a Buffy movie, do you think any Angel castmembers would be in it ?
We’ve been asked before to be in a movie and be in an animated series. It just hasn’t happened yet. And if it doesn’t happen soon, we’ll all be old people in diapers !

From scoobygrrl : Congrats on the baby ! Please tell me this doesn’t mean you’re going to be on Angel less now that you’re going to be a mom ! We all understand family is the most important thing, but we love you as Cordelia !
Thanks for the well-wishing. Due to being so very pregnant, my hours have been modified, but as I said, I’m not taking any maternity leave.

From aidenn : Do you like to work with Andy Hallett, who plays Lorne ? And how was it to work with Eliza ?
Andy Hallett is amazing—he’s one of my absolute favorite people ever ! A huge asset to the show and the human race. And Eliza—I didn’t get to work with her. But I did get to spend one day with all of us on set, and that was fun. We’ve worked together for years off and on, and she’s going to be a big fat star. And let’s just talk about her eyelashes for a minute—wench !

From cordycutie : How did you feel about the WB pulling the ol’ switcheroo ?
I’m bitter about the change of nights. Let’s protest ! Let’s get up-in-arms. It’s been changed four times in four seasons. Ri-donk-ulous.

From buffyfan09 : Is this your last season on Angel ?
There are a lot of working moms out there—don’t freak out.

From angellovah : Is your baby a boy or girl ?
It’s a boy—and he’s huge ! We don’t have a name yet, so any ideas, just go to my Website and post them.

From Jason : When, if ever, are Angel and Cordy going to hook up, and would you like to see it happen ? They been dragging this on forever. What’s up ?
I agree they’ve been dragging it out forever. I don’t know if it would be what’s best for the show if they did get together. But I agree that there should be some sort of climax to all the buildup. I can’t encourage you enough to write to the producers about your wants and needs, because it’s really influential. The fans make or break characters every day.

From raykay : Do you know about any Buffy characters coming to Angel after the show ends ?
I’ve heard nothing about who might or might not be coming over. Personally, I feel we’re just coming into our own as a show, and to do the crossover bit...what benefit does that do us if we’re constantly doing these Buffy crossovers ?
We need to root ourselves. But again, those decisions aren’t mine, they’re Joss’.

From groosalugg : What kind of music do you listen to ?
Just curious. I love classic rock. I can’t believe Norah Jones won eight Grammys. [Laughs.] I like the one song, but eight Grammys ? I love the Verve, Lauryn Hill. And I like new-age music right now, because I’m about to have a baby and it’s very Zen. I’m all over the map ! Madonna...I’m a girl.

From groosalugg : What ever happened to the Queen Bitch I grew up watching on Buffy and Angel ?
She has completely changed, but I don’t remember a major turning point. It was really fun this past season to revert to Cordy’s classic ways. I heard there will be major changes next season (if there is a next season), and I’m wondering if it’s along those lines.