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Angel becomes a puppet on Studio 23

Friday 1 July 2005, by Webmaster

YOU could argue that Angel, the titular Vampire with a Soul of Studio 23’s supernatural hit "Angel" had always been a puppet of the fates, what with his being cursed by gypsies and becoming a champion for the Powers That Be and all.

This week however, the metaphor takes a hilarious turn as "Angel" literally becomes a puppet in the unforgettable "Smile Time," airing on Studio 23 at 8:15 p.m. Tuesday.

So how exactly does the big, brooding, and entirely serious Angel (David Boreanaz) finds himself in this unique predicament? It seems that his team is now investigating a rash of cases wherein very young children were found dazed, with grotesque, Joker-like smiles on their faces. The trail leads them to "Smile Time," a hit children’s puppet show that all the affected children seem to have watched.

Originally designed to cover the fact that the series’ lead actor David Boreanaz had sprained his ankle on the set, "Smile Time" quickly became a favorite episode of many devoted fans of "Angel", who found in the episode a perfect distillation of the quirky and intelligent humor and drama that characterizes the show’s universe.

So how does Angel get out of his hilarious new problem? Is the curse reversible? Or is the Vampire with a Soul destined to remain the Vampire Puppet with a Soul for all eternity? Find out on "Angel" Tuesday only on Studio 23. (PR)