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Angel inspires fan film tribute called "Vangelis"

Friday 3 February 2006, by Webmaster

Creator Harvey Chin along with producers Tom Miller and Boron Vujaklovic pay tribute to Joss Whedon’s "Angel" as only an imaginative creator and appreciative fans can, with a fan film TV series called "Vangelis." The model for "Vangelis" takes its cue from the Mad magazines series whose featurettes on a TV shows and films compressed versions to spoof, and at that time, compliment the creators.

"You would enjoy laughing [but] at the same time you’d be briefly reminded of all the great characters, situations, and moments that made you fall for the show," explains Chin. "That feeling of opening up a box of pleasant memories is pretty much what we set out to do with "Vangelis". It’s a parody, but hopefully much more than that." Depending on viewer reception of the films, at conventions and other venues, Chin will determine if he can gather his dedicated cast and crew for more productions. But fans won’t find "Vangelis" on the Web anytime soon Chin clarifies, "There’s something special about sharing this tribute film as a ’special’ love letter of sorts with other fans of "Angel" on the big screen, versus something that is seen and forgotten quickly on the net."

Tom Miller, stars as Vangelis, but other familiar characters are represented with Cornelia (Ashley Burma), Leslie (Brian Heit), Funne and George. And don’t think Wolfram & Hart has been left out of the mix, although in this case they are known as Wolfee and Mann. With the final touches to the original score and editing near completion, "Angel" fans can hope to see "Vangelis" as soon as the San Diego Comic Con or perhaps sooner. The Website launches at the end of February with more information and photos.

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