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Angel’s 100th Birthday Bash

Wednesday 4 February 2004, by Webmaster

This weekend, TV Guide threw a party for WB’s Angel to toast the Buffy spin-off’s 100th episode. The cast and crew all celebrated at Hollywood’s trendy Club Ivar, including three-time cover boy David Boreanaz and his lovely wife, actress Jaime Bergman. Natch, Party Boy was there - risking his neck in a roomful of TV vamps, I might add - to bleed some scoop out of Angel’s insiders.

Among the festive guests were Buffy and Angel creator Joss Whedon and cast mates Alexis Denisof (Wesley), J. August Richards (Gunn), Amy Acker (Fred), Andy Hallett (Lorne) and, of course, James Marsters (Spike). Ever the instigator, I was just dying to know what folks think of Sarah Michelle Gellar canceling her May sweeps Angel guest spot?

We already know Boreanaz was grumpy, but he still wants her back for Angel’s series finale (whenever that is). How did the others feel about Gellar’s decision? "She seemed very committed to do it," Marsters told Party Boy. "I don’t know what changed. I suppose she doesn’t owe it to anyone, but it would’ve been nice. Frankly, the real star of this show and Buffy is Joss Whedon. If she wants to come and play in this wonderful universe, I would love to have her, because she’s a marvelous actor. But we’re having a lot of fun, anyway. If she doesn’t want to come aboard, that’s cool, too."

"I’ll be surprised if it happens," Denisof said. "People tried to get that talk going when Buffy was finishing, and she was smiling and not saying yes or no, because it was the right thing to do politically. But I think Sarah’s moved on. In this town, anything can happen."

Notably absent was Denisof’s real-life wife, Alyson Hannigan, who played lesbian witch Willow on Buffy. But we forgive her. Hannigan’s in London rehearsing for the West End stage version of When Harry Met Sally - costarring Luke Perry! - which opens later this month. (Word is, she beat out Reese Witherspoon for the role. Buffy’s very big across the pond.)

One fun surprise guest was actress Juliet Landau - Spike’s sublime bloodsucking ex, Drusilla. When Party Boy spotted her, she was sipping non-sanguinary cocktails with her partner-in-crime, Julie Benz, who plays Darla. Last seen in November sweeps, Dru’s been sorely missed. Landau told me she wants to come back, but is unaware of any plans in the works. Still, she’s chummy with Whedon - the two shared a nice Hollywood hug later on in the evening - so it’s only a matter of time...

Former Angel regular Charisma Carpenter couldn’t make the bash - her rep says she was out of town visiting family - but she previewed the 100th episode during my recent visit to the set. "I come out of my coma because The Powers That Be owe me a favor," she teased. "Cordelia needs to set Angel back on his path. Angel is confused and in doubt about what his destiny is, because Spike has returned from another dimension and he is working for redemption and he has a soul, too. It leaves Angel in a lot of self doubt. So I set Angel straight and then I leave. I’m in, I’m out!"

Angel’s 100th episode - entitled "You’re Welcome" - airs tonight at 9 pm/ET on WB. For even more scoop on the supernatural series, read the Jan. 31 issue of TV Guide magazine. For a preview of tonight’s episode, click here. And for more from Carpenter about Cordy’s future, come back here and read tomorrow’s Insider!

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  • > Angel’s 100th Birthday Bash

    7 February 2004 03:06, by Bob Goodman
    Angel is cool? I think his shows are the best. Have a great 100th Birthday Bash.O yea say Hi to Sarah (Buffy)for me.
  • > Angel’s 100th Birthday Bash

    8 February 2004 03:30, by Vera
    I’m so happy that Alyson Hannigan is playing Sally. It’s one of my favourite movies. I’m sure she’ll do a magnificent job!!! I wish Sarah Michelle Gellar would get her head back on straight. She is the only person who can play Buffy. And, yeah, I understand the whole being tired of the character thing, but...it’s only a couple episodes. She was on her show for seven years, besides Joss, she is the one who knows how important Angel and Buffy’s relationship is. I think she owes it to the show to come back for the occasional episode of Angel. I need to start getting home earlier on wednesday nights. I’ve missed the last few episodes of Angel. OOPS! Sorry Joss!!! Didn’t mean to!!!