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Angel’s Food Drive Reaches $7,476.60

By Webrageous

Wednesday 8 September 2004, by Webmaster

Back in March, Angel’s Food Drive began raising money for the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank to pay tribute to the show ANGEL and its theme of helping the helpless. The Food Drive provided a positive means to protest the show’s cancellation. If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do. What fans did was raise approximately $15,000 which provided over 100,000 meals for the needy.

After the final episode aired, Angel’s Food Drive adopted another message from the show and launched the "Not Fade Away" campaign calling for the continuation of the Angelverse in some form. The goal is to pay for a truckload of food for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank or pay freight on the truckload. The costs for freight run from $300-$2500 and the cost of a truckload of food runs from $12,000-$36,000. The money raised will be presented to the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank in the form of a large check.

The Food Drive would like to raise a total of at least $15,000 to demonstrate that fans are just as passionate today as they were when the show was first cancelled. This amount will cover both a truckload of food and the freight charges.

As of August 31, the Food Drive reached $7,476.60 and the donations are still rolling in steadily. One of the reasons for the campaigns success is the charity auction. Past offerings included: autographed books, photos, t-shirts, locks of James Marsters’ blonde "Spike" hair, scripts signed by Tim Minear, and many other great items.

The charity auction is currently offering:

- autographed photo of George Hertzberg, Adam on Buffy

- autographed Wes/AD dollar bill and Lilah/S.R photo

- autographed CD “Music for Elevators” by Anthony Stewart Head

- autographed photo of Claire Kramer, Glory on Buffy

- autographed photo of James Marsters and James Leary

The charity auction is taking place on Ebay. Please keep checking back because the Food Drive will have more great items soon.


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