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From Angelsfooddrive.com


Angel’s Food Drive Update

Tuesday 30 March 2004, by Webmaster

Angel’s Food Drive has raised over $7900.00 for The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank in the past two weeks. Whether The WB will accept the fan challange to meet the donation total through the 31st of March is unknown.

Our first Shipper War Day was a huge success, raising over $2500.00. The following is a breakdown of the total:

1. Spangel (Spike & Angel): $685
2. Bangel (Buffy & Angel): $660
3. Spuffy (Spike & Buffy): $525
4. Spander (Spike & Xander): $520
5. Lingel (Lindsey & Angel): $60
6. Gunnther (Gunn & The Conduit): $20
7. Fuffy (Fred & Buffy): $15
8. Lorgel (Lorne & Angel): $10
8. Snygel (Synder & Angel): $10
8. Wuffy (Willow & Buffy): $10

Due to overwhelming fan response, the food drive will NOT be ending on March 31st. It will continue until our show is renewed, Joss tells us to quit or Numfar sings.

Revised character appreciation days for March:

March 29th: Shipper Wars- The Rematch!

March 30th: Spike Appreciation Day

March 31st: Angel Appreciation Day

Please help bring our efforts to the attention of The Powers That Be! Please make sure to mention Angel’s Food Drive when contacting the media about renewing Angel.

Following is a message from the LA Regional Food Bank:

Thank you for you online gift made in honor of the Angel TV series.

Your support enables us to continue to help hungry families. Home should be the safest and ost nurturing place to be, but many families well-being is threatened by hunger. Unfortunately, hunger causes impaired growth and development in children, presents and immediate threat to the elderly, and creates an unhealthy level of stress on the breadwinner of the family. Your donation gives a hard-working family the opportunity to fight hunger at home.

If you would like to know more about the Foodbank or would like to learn about up-coming events, visit our web site at www.lafightshunger.org.

We are touch by your support of our mission to fight hunger. Your generousity does so much to help so many in need. The Foodbank is proud to say "thank you" on their behalf.


Michael Flood Executive Director

Continue to fight the good fight, help those in need and save ANGEL!