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Angel’s Harmony Up Front

Tuesday 23 December 2003

Angel’s Harmony Up Front

Jeff Bell, co-executive producer of The WB’s Angel, told SCI FI Wire that the series will resume original episodes with "Harm’s Way," an episode devoted almost exclusively to the character of Harmony, played by Mercedes McNab. "It’s just Mercedes front and center," Bell said in an interview. "I think it’s really funny. It’s sort of the working girl, but the working girl happens to be an evil vampire trying to walk the straight and narrow."

Bell described "Harm’s Way" as pretty much a stand-alone episode. But observant fans will notice that Angel (David Boreanaz) and Spike (James Marsters) still sport the bruises and cuts that resulted from their fracas in "Destiny." "We rarely play those holding-over [bits] when it’s been a week, because vampires heal quickly," Bell said. "But we just really want you to remember that Angel and Spike had beaten the crap out of each other in episode eight. So those marks are all over both of their faces."

Bell added, "What we’re playing in [’Harm’s Way’] in terms of our arc is Angel is wondering if he’s the guy or not, because Spike just came along and beat him. And so Angel is back on his heels a bit. So you sort of feel that, though there’s not a lot that’s explicitly about that. The story is really told from Harmony’s [point of view]. She’s in pretty much every scene we see, and so you’re limited to how she perceives everybody. It’s all about Harmony, and Mercedes did a great job." "Harm’s Way" will likely air in Angel’s regular Wednesday 9 p.m. ET/PT timeslot on Jan. 14, 2004.