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Angel to Buffy : Come Back !

Thursday 18 December 2003

As reported in the current issue of TV Guide magazine, Sarah Michelle Gellar will not be back as Buffy this season, after all. The former star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was in talks to do a two-episode arc on Buffy spinoff Angel. However, says Joss Whedon, creator of both supernatural series: "She feels it’s not the right time." Asked about Gellar’s decision to bail, Angel vamp David Boreanaz bares his fangs...

"I honestly don’t know what happened," he grumpily tells TV Guide Online. "Why don’t you ask her about it? I’m sure she’ll come up with a good answer."

After simmering down - good thing his face doesn’t contort monstrously, like it does on TV! - the actor looks to the future. Should Angel’s fifth season turn out to be its last, Boreanaz hopes Gellar will at least do the final episode, if only to help him bite the dust in style. "If Sarah wants to come back for a final farewell - like I did for her on her series finale - that would be fantastic," he says. "Now, that’s something for her to decide. That would be great, to have her. I think it would be great for the fans to see that.

"I think it’s a responsibility to do those [farewell] shows and give the appreciation for the fans that are watching this," Boreanaz adds. "Those are the people that tune in and have made us who were are today. It’s not like you do 50 or 100 episodes of a show and say, ’Screw you.’ You have a responsibility to your fans, and that’s important. You give as much as you can responsibly, as long as you’re having fun with it."

Are you listening, Ms. Gellar? Buffy’s fans are staking their hopes on it.

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  • > Angel to Buffy : Come Back !

    19 December 2003 15:20, by Mayery
    ce n’est pas sympathique de sa part de ne pas faire au moins une apparition dans la sÚrie ANGEL comme david BOREANAZ l’a fait
    • > Angel to Buffy : Come Back ! 16 November 2009 13:04
      I am a HUGE fan of both shows. I’ve seen every episode of them. I love all the episodes, but I especially love the ones that include Angel and Buffy together. On Angel season 1 episode 8 called "I Will Remember You" is by far the best episode I’ve ever seen out of any show.. except the end brought me to many tears. These two shows, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel are supposed to end with them being TOGETHER. They are destined to be together, it’s fate for these characters. It pains me that the shows ended differently. I’ll always hope for something to be done about this. In my heart they’re meant to be. Angel and Buffy = FOREVER.
  • > Angel to Buffy : Come Back !

    19 December 2003 16:57, by Anonymous
    Jeez...David sounds ticked off...
  • > Angel to Buffy : Come Back !

    20 December 2003 08:48, by tclaybourne
    Well he has never spoken out against her like that. But at least us Spuffy fans don’t have to be tortured!
  • > Angel to Buffy : Come Back !

    22 December 2003 09:54, by Kelly P
    I’m pretty disappointed about this myself. I agree that the fans have made them who they are today. Sarah Michelle Gellar is Buffy Summers, and I don’t believe that the Angel series could possibly end in a satisfactory way without addressing the Buffy/Angel storyline.
  • > Angel to Buffy : Come Back !

    22 December 2003 10:28, by Shame on SMG
    I am so dissapointed at Sarah , its sounds as she turned into diva , I adored her and looked up to her since forever and she really let all the fans down. If I was David I would of said lot more than that he should be mad. She should realise that the only reason she is famouse is because off us and so far DB has never let us down so good for him becuase he stayed a good person . Shame on SMG.If she doesn’t make an appearence I honestly will never respect her or look up 2 her again. She let allt he cast down and I can see that lot of people are hurt Alyson , David , James and Joss who actually made her into a star. I never be;lived that she would become just another spoilt diva and now she truly is. Shame on Sarah
  • > Angel to Buffy : Come Back !

    23 December 2003 05:25, by blueyeblacktear
    One word: bitca. We MADE her who she is today. If it weren’t for the fans, she’d still be doing soaps! I am one incredibly brassed off buffite, people. She needs to pull her head out of her ass, stop doing these pathetic movies for he wannabe husband, and start acting like the SMG that we used to love. GRR ARGH
  • > Angel to Buffy : Come Back !

    23 December 2003 18:10, by Anonymous
    Okay in defense of SMG, she hasn’t said she won’t do a couple epiosdes, just that she "doesn’t think that it is the right time." I don’t think that Angel will be cancelled this season, but if that issue does come up then I have faith that she will appear on the show. SMG has a personal life outside of acting as does everyone on the face of this earth and we don’t know what is going on in that aspect. All we fans know for now is that she doesn’t think that it is the right time. Give her a little space. After it’s all said and done with, then make an opinion about her but don’t attack her ’til you know the truth.
  • > Angel to Buffy : Come Back !

    24 December 2003 00:40, by SMG Fan
    Alright guys back the hell off, ok, ya im a little mad to but i’ll get over it she has a regular life too, and she works really haard at what she does, besides Angel is just a t.v show so get over it. SMG is a talented actress and has a very busy scheduale so calm down and don’t assume she’s a diva, look at her schedule and think she could be tired and needs a break, sum people are actual fans of her, like myself, and not Buffy Summers whose a fictionale character who she’s taken the time to breathe her portrayal into, so Back off youir conclusions and quit being sourcouch potatoe fans who never see the light of day
  • > Angel to Buffy : Come Back !

    24 December 2003 16:39, by Jahaira (Spike’s girl)

    I think that SM just needs a break. She has done alot of episoides Buffy. Ahe just needs HER TIME!!! I am sure, well hope, that when she is ready and the time is right, she will return (with a bang) to do a couple episoides for ANGEL. If by any chance that she dosent come back, she will be upsetting alot of people and fans. Especially DB himself?!!!!

    Sarah PLEASE come back. We are counting on you. When your ready!!!?!?!

    See online : Angel to Buffy : Come Back !

  • Tay-Tay

    28 December 2003 05:58, by Anonymous
    Yes, I was upset she doesn’t want to come back and I believe a lot of people really wanted her to do this. I really hope she will change her mind. Angel has to at least mention her because they are one of those couples that goes on forever. They need to have her. If Sarah doesn’t appear Joss may just have Angel start to like some other "hoe" J/K. But I really hope that she comes. DB did it for her. I really want her to do it for him. Angel might not get renewed Joss wants to end it and so does the WB from other articles, it says. I really hope Sarah does it at least an episode. PLEASE!!!
  • > Angel to Buffy : Come Back !

    8 January 2004 00:37, by Solveig
    i understand smg is doing a japanese fight movie next. but still, she should make time for her fans. She was given the parts she had and the recognition she has in large part to her buffy following. If angel is to end, it would be very selfish of her not to show.Im sure she understands how her buffy character is pivital to Angel.Hope so anyway...
  • > Angel to Buffy : Come Back !

    18 January 2004 05:14, by Anonymous
    Maybe your just a fan or maybe you wish you could be in a world like that and it’s more then a show to you, but she owes it to everyone to come on. It wouldn’t be complete if she didn’t.
  • > Angel to Buffy : Come Back !

    23 January 2005 22:22, by fady dabbagh
    please,although your shows are over come back and give us 1 episode were after sunny dale is distroyed and angel difeats his batel and becomes a human buffy goes to him in l.a. they go a beach and have fun and then in the end they get married and have a boy/girl.and please,please let david and buffy read this because this means alot to the fans.love ya
  • > Angel to Buffy : Come Back !

    30 August 2005 09:50, by dianna
    Well i happen to agree with david. I mean i ws looking forward to seeing something. I was just as mad because it’s like come on who really cares if he comes back, she has all that family there, but if she comes back to him, scrath that, FOR him then it might show more to me and everyone else out there how much deeper their relationship is than we thought it was. I mean Buffy told i think xander (I’m not quite sure who it was) that he shouldn’t give up on his happiness with anya because they were only chance at knowing somethng’s good or somthing’s worth fighting for. Now i don’t remember that quote too well, but i know the meaning of it, and knowing the meaning i feel tht she should have done all she could to help out angel because for me him and her was and is the only good thing i see in the world (besides babies, of course) i mean i like life and all, but they just brighten mine up even more and i even felt like knocking the crap out of her when i heard that she was "too busy"
  • Angel to Buffy : Come Back !

    23 October 2007 13:54, by Anonymous
    all over the world there are Angel fans and buffy fans if Sarah michelle Gellar were to come back for the last eppisode on Angel it would be great. Whateveer reason she has for not doing it i would like to just tell her this ’’Jet over it, whatever is causnig the ’Im not coming back attitude, deal with it. Embrace the pain, spank your inner mopet but deal with it because pretty soon you wont even have the support of your fans backing you up. Fans want to see Buffy and Angel ( Sarah michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz ) together and if you let the fans down i dont know what will happen.’’