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Angel versus Charmed on MSN.com - Vote for the best !

Monday 28 February 2005, by Webmaster

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  • > Angel versus Charmed on MSN.com - Vote for the best !

    28 February 2005 16:27, by Anonymous
    EITHER ONE YOU CHOOSE IS A VOTE FOR CHARMED???? What is with the wording??
  • > Angel versus Charmed on MSN.com - Vote for the best !

    28 February 2005 19:34, by Eduardo

    And let me see how Charmed does a year after it ends... No one will even remember what was Charmed..

    Those who will remember will remember as "oh, those girls with those boobs on that poses! That’s what I call quality tv!"

  • > Angel versus Charmed on MSN.com - Vote for the best !

    28 February 2005 22:42, by Anonymous
    charmed is a awesome show! and they dont show there boobs god! what is with u its a witch show and its a lot like buffy and angel! if u like buffy then u would like piper,paige and phoebe.its funny and it has great storylines! so stop being a hater u can watch buffy, angel and charmed all together! thats what i do! i love them shows! so there hahahahha!!!!!! if u like boobs so much go rent a porno wierdo!
  • > Angel versus Charmed on MSN.com - Vote for the best !

    1 March 2005 00:25, by Wolverine68

    It’s fixed! Just like the 2000 election.

    Which makes me wonder, why then is Angel given the RED Color, which is associated with the republican party?

  • Charmed was so good at the beginning but it’s no where near as good as Angel. It was never witty and dark and well choreographed or edgy like Angel. The writing is for a different audience demographic and Charmed has very little depth to it. Quite frankly if I was evil I wouldn’t give a damn about the charmed ones, they need to get a life. Its just the same thing over and over again. "oh some evil thing wants to kill us to take our powers/baby/partner/sister." Blah blah blah. It should have been cancelled years ago instead of finishing on such a low. Sorry, but its just not the show it was. Both shows are not the same and never has been. Only someone who has NOT watched both of them would think they are. I don’t believe it’s worth saying any more.

    Rant over and I feel so much better!

  • I tried to vote for that, but as someone addressed, it looks like you’re voting for Charmed either way, so sod it; it’s not really worth the fuss. But Charmed is just inane. I’ve tried watching it several times, but it’s much like Buffy except for the lack of vampires, and more importantly, wit. It’s not even an issue of contrast between it and Buffy or Angel; there’s nothing in it that invokes interest. It seems to be such a one-dimensional programme with no layers to peel back, and that bores me to death. I’d much rather watch any and every Season 2 episode of War of the Worlds than any episode of Charmed - and that’s including the one with the otherwise fantastic Danielle Harris. How it became the most desired TV show on DVD is beyond me. That, this poll, and the WB’s severing of the brilliant Angel while keeping on the vapid Charmed has renewed my faith in the underdog.
  • I’m sorry but Charmed is nowhere near the same league as Buffy or Angel. It’s a cheap and tasteless show and all it is, is a bunch of middle-aged women parading around in skimpy outfits.
  • Charmed is trash that is getting a decent rep as of late because nothing (Besides the ABC Wed night) has filled the WB 11 Buffy/Angel void. It’s crap.

    See online : >Angel Versus Charmed on MSN.com-Vote for the best!

  • I’m not even going to bother voting, either choice could be a vote for charmed which is why Charmed is winning the poll. It’s impossible to figure out which show is which considering the way the two selections are phrased. I wouldn’t be surprised if the person responsible for the poll turned out to be a Charmed fanatic.

    Angel is clearly the better show irregardless of the longevity of Charmed, it’s quality not quantity afterall and Charmed is a terrible show.

  • > Angel versus Charmed on MSN.com - Vote for the best !

    1 March 2005 07:16, by martheev (Jason)

    Charmed may not show boobs, but they push the cleavage. One of the first storylines after Shannen Dorety left (which, as much as i hate to admit, is when the show went downhill for some reason...) was Paige having a spell go wrong and her boobs became huge! I stopped watching it that one season where most weeks seemed to be a quest to put them in a tight, revealing outfit. They were superheros, valkerie, etc etc. The show became more about the outfit than the storyline, or they just became storylines ABOUT the outfits, whichever way makes more sense.

    Im slowly learning to accept the fact that without Joss Whedon, theres little quality on television anymore. *coughtsmallvillecough*

  • yeah..i guess the WB was losing a lot of money, I mean they couldn’t even afford the money to clothe these so-called "actresses". Charmed is trash.
  • ...

    2 March 2005 04:43, by AKL
    I have to say that I tried watching Charmed once or twice and I just couldn’t get into it. I personally thought it was really tacky and just boring. There was no wit and I lost interest very quickly. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me, but I did not like it. Sorry, but Angel and Buffy top Charmed by about 100%. That’s just my opinion though.
  • > Angel versus Charmed on MSN.com - Vote for the best !

    4 April 2005 19:02, by Effulgent Fredikins
    What... how could Charmed win? Its not even as good as Angel. The writing sucks, the stories are soooo stupid, there is no real consequences... and the acting is really tired. Yes all the actresses are beautiful... but is anyone else getting tired of watching them prance around in tiny little outfits saving the world from fairy tales and story book monsters? This show has really played out since the first 2 seasons.