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Buffy Animated

Animated Buffy Is Back !!

Sunday 23 May 2004, by Webmaster

Hubba What?? BUFFY Toon Back On Track??

I am - Hercules!!

This can’t be right! But that’s what I said when I heard UPN was thinking about poaching “Buffy” from the WB! It is difficult to imagine that “Peach Buzz” got it wrong! Hi Herc,

I’ve never submitted before so I hope I do this right. Love the site. Not sure if this is old news or not.....

In the Thurs. May 20th edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, in the "Peach Buzz" section where they talk about local celebrities, they interviewed Alyson Hannigan’s (she’s originally from Atlanta) mother Emile Posner, about an accident that happened in the audience during her performance of "When Harry Met Sally"

As a side note at the end it reads:

’Hannigan’s many "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fans, take note: According to Posner, who recently visited her daughterin London, the actress is reprising her role of Willow. While Posner was in town, Hannigan was recording some voice work for an upcoming "Buffy" animated series.’

Click here to watch the buffy animated character design :

Buffy Animated : Character Design !!!!!!!!!!!!

7 Forum messages

  • > Animated Buffy Is Back !!

    23 May 2004 13:22, by Joshtek
    sweet, hope it happens.
  • > Animated Buffy Is Back !!

    23 May 2004 18:33, by Ayumi
    The buffyverse will live on! :D
  • > Animated Buffy Is Back !!

    23 May 2004 18:48, by Anonymous
  • > Animated Buffy Is Back !!

    23 May 2004 20:15, by shadowman
    Yeah, there was an interview on this site with Joss Whedon, where he also states that they’re busy with making the animated series. I hope it will be finished soon, cause a day/week without the Whedonverse is like a day of not breathing.
  • > Animated Buffy Is Back !!

    24 May 2004 02:42, by Anonymous
    the fact that in the series their going to be back in highschool and it’s suppose to appeal to a younger crowd kinda dissapoints me a bit. We’ve seen the charecters grow so much over the past years tossing them back in time like that seems a little sad. Theyv’e matured so much! okay but on the bright side I might accually injoy watching cartoons again!
  • Nick Brendon talked about this at the Vulkon Convention in Cleveland. No clue about what network wants it, but the series itself is definitely in the works! :)
  • Animated Buffy Is Back !!

    14 April 2006 23:29, by Anonymous
    eew i definitely won’t be watching this.