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Announcing the Browncoat Cruise, December 2007 !

Friday 15 December 2006, by Webmaster

The cruise is in the early planning stages at this point but the following details are now public:

• Cruise will take place the first week of December 2007.

• Cruise destination will be tropical. The final cruise origin, ship and destination(s) will be made public no later than December 15, 2006.

• Cruise will span 5-6 fun-filled days and 4-5 exciting nights (depending on the final cruise choice).

• VIP guests including several Big Damn Heros (i.e. Firefly/Serenity cast) have been invited. They are currently waiting for additional details before they commit. We are expecting to have at least two BDHs on board, hopefully more. We also plan to have several non-BDH VIPs on board.

• Activities will include several shindigs and Q & A panels, a photo session, an autograph session, themed on-shore excursions and much more.

• Our goal is to have the total price for cruise and all activites to be in-line with similar land bound conventions, and considerably less than most themed cruises. And, like all cruises, the price includes all food!

• There will be a discounted non-activity pass for those non-Browncoat friends and family (is there such a thing) that want to come along for the cruise.

• There will be an early bird discount, and we plan to keep nearly all of the registration capital in the bank until we are 100% sure the cruise will go as planned. No surprises!

• This is a professionally-run event organized by fans.

• Cruise destination will be a foreign country (either Mexico or the Caribbean) and a valid passport will be required.

• These early details are subject to change. Many additional details will be available soon.

• This will be a warm weather cruise, no Jayne hat required (though certainly allowed).