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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Asteroid Belt new album from Velvet Chain

Sunday 16 November 2003, by Webmaster

Velvet Chain : Btvs Season 1 "At The Bronze Band"

Asteroid Belt new release from Velvet Chain 11/5/2003

Velvet Chain re-enters the music atmosphere after more than two years of development and recording of their latest project. Asteroid Belt is the newest release from the Buffy famed band fronted by Erika Amato with musical arrangements by Jeff Stacy. The new album is due to hit stores on November 14th and will contain a full 16 tracks including a sultry rendition of the 1972 classic Green Eyed Lady with Sugarloaf ‘s very own Jerry Corbetta playing organ on the track.

All 16 tracks are available for sampling with two: Floating Away and You Remind Me available for free download, as full-length MP3s. You can also pre-order Asteroid Belt ahead of the actual release date and it will be shipped out immediately upon the album’s release, on the 14th. The artwork for the album consists of a 24-panel booklet, including lyrics and liner notes. Pre-order, audio sample, peruse a few sample pages of the Belt and more, only at Velvet Chain’s official website! Visit the Official Velvet Chain website