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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

BTVSFigs’ Ask Diamond #25 - answers questions

Sunday 8 May 2005, by Webmaster


1. Could you tell us who you have scans off, you mentioned it a little while ago at a convention but that, like I said, was a while ago?

There are several in our archives, the most recent are Gunn, Fred, Spike, Wesley, and Dawn.

2. Might as well give it a try, anything new you might feel like showing or announcing?

Check out Radical Confidential and E-Spectrum we let lots of stuff out this week.

3. Do you, or the exclusive holders choose which variants will be made? Is there any fan influence on these decisions?

Fans play a part but not directly. We go thorough a character list and try to come up with a list of cool episodes that we cut down for practical reasons and at that point we contact the partners and see what they like. Most of them are themselves big fans.

4. Would Diamond ever consider doing an online Poll as to which Characters they’d most like to see made or which variant they’d most like to see?

It’s not something we’re looking at right now.


5. If you will make new Cordelia’s, would they be like the Spike’s, from both the Buffy and Angel show. or would they be just from Angel?

I would think it would be like Spike, after all we have both licenses.

6. Give us Buffy fans a break, any hints on who will be in the next action figure line up?

Its going to be a while... Sorry, but we’re going to announce all the Angel/Fred’s soon so I hope that tides you over.

7. Will the release of Buffy in the deluxe line delay her in the standard line (not wanting to release too many Buffy’s at once?)

Nope. She’s coming out right where we planned her.

8. When you remake Buffy can you please make one of her from Buffy vs. Dracula with the black top and hot pink leather pants? (I know its a long shot, but a fella’s gotta dream)

Well at least you have the bust to hold you over!

9. Which characters will follow Buffy in the new line of busts?

Spike is next, remember?

10. Can you tell us about any of the statues you are planning?

They are still just in the early development stages.

11. Since you have scans of most Serenity/Firefly actors, will Jasmine, Hamilton, or Caleb be possibilities for Buffy/Angel figures?

We don’t have the entire Serenity cast but it never hurts to have the scans.

12. Any news on the next boxset? Or the playset?

The fabrication on the play set is moving right along I hope to see a finished one very soon. We’re developing several ideas for our next few box sets.

13. If Dawn was in a future Buffy wave, would DST see that as the best moment for releasing a Glory figure or does that doesn’t matter?

Yes and No - the connection between the two makes allot of sense BUT if Glory is going to sell she needs to be able to stand on her own.

14. Will the heads that Sarah Michelle Gellar approved for the Deluxe Buffy figures be the same heads that will be used on the eventual wave of standard Buffy figures?

No we would do all new heads.

15. Will the last boxset of this year feature a brand new figure

What the heck - yup.

16. It would appear Puppet Angel sold very well. Are you going to give the go-ahead for a vampire version?

Hmm the puppet sold well - cool I guess we better get back to work then.

17. What if any set would DST consider appropriate for an "Angel" themed playset? Hyperion Hotel? Wolfram and Hart Lobby? One of Angel’s offices? Or other?

We’d consider it cool if we could figure out how to not loose our shirts on this first one.

18. Any chance we will see a Joss figure? and when?

We have a scan.


19. Will the Fred figures bodies be slimmed down at all? And are there any changes to Fred or Angel that are scheduled or already have been made?

Making an action figure is an ongoing (and long) process we try to improve our products and make them the best we can until the last minute.

20. Will any of the Angel variants be from Buffy?

Shoot Angel was on that show too - Where’s Matt, he’s in real trouble now, first that Illyria mess and now this!

21. Could you tell us about the upcoming Angel series (Wes/Lorne, Angel/Fred/Illyria)... were any of these full-body scans, just head scans, or simply sculpted?

Wes & Fred are full body and head scans from the last season of Angel. Lorne is a free sculpt. Angel was from existing body and head scans. Aren’t those folks at Gentle Giant talented?

22. All the online stores say the Wesley & Lornes will be in stock in May, but the last ask diamond said July. Will we really have to wait until July? And if it will be July, how about giving us Vampire Schoolgirl Darla in May?

Wes/Lorne is July.


23. Why do the "jacketed" Deluxe Buffy and Faith figures only have "swivel" shoulders when wearing their jackets, but have ball-jointed shoulders when they have "bare" arms.

No real cool & clean way to do the jackets with the ball joint.

24. When are the Deluxe Buffy/Faith figures shipping?

June. In fact, here’s a closeup of the samples we recently received.


25. If the 1st wave is a success when will we expect a 2nd wave?

We’re really not sure, too many factors up in the air right now.

26. Is it possible that each figure will contain an Inkworks promo card?

Yes it is possible, but what isn’t.

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