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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

BTVSFigs’ Ask Diamond #26 - Questions & Answers

By Flobbster

Sunday 29 May 2005, by Webmaster


1. Should international (non US) radicals be expecting anything in the mail? I realize we missed out on the Willow (though I believe some UK residents achieved one), but just wondering if the same policy applies to Chosen Spike?

We’re going to do our best to take care of the EU but outside of that we’re still not set up yet with a good system - SORRY.

2. IF mailing figures internationally is too expensive, have DST considered rewarding their international fans in some other way, perhaps a coupon offering money off Buffy/Angel figures or offering the exclusive figures if we pay postage?

You’re on our minds for sure!

Future Product

3. Any chance of releasing a ’Big Bad’ boxset that features the end of season baddies and sometimes a non-evil character.

That would be a big box set, I think we’re going to stick to three per set and leave the huge sets to Toy Biz and LOTR.

4. Will the next boxset be Buffy themed or Angel themed?

We’re pretty sure Buffy.

5. Do you still expect to release another wave of action figures in ’05 after Angel/Fred?

We sure hope so, from your lips to the actors’ ears!

6. Will there be anymore two-packs (like Together Forever) or was that a one shot deal?

We have a couple cool ideas rattling around. I think you’ll see another one for sure.

7. Does DST thinks there’s a possibility of characters like Darla, Anya, Tara and even Willow be done again with new (more DST style) sculpts and other variants (more fan desired but still on DST’s budget)?

Sorry right now we don’t have any plans to go back and re-do the recently released items.

8. Will the boxset have variations of the same character or have more than one character?

We’ll do it case by case but right now our thinking is not to repeat the Willow set with three versions of the same character.

9. Does DST still plans on telling the next characters from the next Buffy line when Wesley/Lorne are out or should we wait a little more?

If all goes well YES when Wesley/Lorne are in your hands you’ll hear what’s next, should be right around Comic-Con. We try and stick to that template for releasing information as much as we can.

10. Any news on Vamp. School Girl Darla (this is getting really depressing)?

We’re VERY close to the announcement!

11. Is the playset planned for this year? When can we expect to see some pictures of the Library?

Playset is VERY complicated but we hope to have news for you in June.

12. IF the playset does sell well, Does DST think the new playset would be from Buffy or Angel, has there been any ideas discussed?

Trust me when I say if an item makes money DST is going to do more...That said, the playsets are an uphill battle.

13. Is there any bust plan (for this year) after spike?

If you mean on sale in 05 then no, Spike will finish out the year.

14. Is there any statue plan for this year at all?

We’re trying but I don’t think we’ll make it so there will be several on 06.

15. Will DST still make ornament? When will we know the next character?

Oh yea that’s in the plans - 5 ornaments based on the action figure releases from the previous year.

16. Will the Deluxe Angel and Spike figures each have three "variations" like the Deluxe Buffy and Faith figures or could they possibly have more or less?

Wait did I confirm those yet?? I don’t think I have, VERY sneaky! So lets try this... IF I did those, YES there would be variants.

17. Will the Deluxe Angel and Spike figures feature "swappable" jacket/non-jacket arms like the Deluxe Buffy and Faith figures or will they simply be made either with or without a jacket (like the regular Angel and Spike figures)?

Wait a minute, what DLX Spike and Angel figures?

18. Will the Deluxe Angel and Spike figures utilize head sculpts from the (then) already released Angel and Spike head sculpts (Angel series 2 and series 4) or would DST/Gentle Giant sculpt new heads for the deluxe figures?

IF we were to do them, NO we would not re-use the regular lines heads.


19. Will there be any variants of the character of "Fred" (as opposed to the character of "Illyria") released in any way, shape or form, including future releases/series, boxed sets and/or convention exclusives?

Never say never, but it’s not like we have a bunch planned we’re hiding from you.

20. Are the Angel/Fred prototypes still being working on?

By definition, "prototype" means they are still being worked on. DST works to make the product the best we can up until the last minute possible.

21. Will Wesley be able to hold Illyria’s Time Bomb Gun?

Not sure yet.

22. Are all of Wesley’s bases the same?

Not sure what you mean - if you asking if all the weapons cabinets are the same - then yes they are the same. Bad Girls does not have the weapons cabinet.

23. When will we see Package pics of Wes & Lorne?

Stop by our booth at WW Philly next week! Say "hi" and check them out.

24. I have a question about "Shells" Illyria’s articulation, For her legs, Is there going to be just articulation at the knee and the calf, with just a hard piece of plastic on top, or will she have articulation under the skirt?

The legs and skirt are separate pieces so there will be some negative space under there to allow for some movement.

25. Can Graduation Day Angel be packaged in some cool sideways pose so us non-openers can still see the tattoo?

Not sure if we can bend him that much and still look good in pack